Cost of Living in Singapore of S Pass Worker ,

Hello to all Indians in Singapore,

I want to know from all my friends there what is the life of S pass Indian worker there in Singapore, Actually I am planning to come to Singapore on S Pass worker , in which they offering 2200 SGD without accommodation and meal , I just want to know from S pass worker who already working there is Singapore that without accommodation and meal provided by employer am I able to save some money and live some my life also on weekends ,

Waiting for all my friends reply and guidance and suggestions

Thanks All In Advance,

I believe u had post about looking for a sharing room, I have already replied what would be the minimum rental with PUB to pay. 

Do u mean to say that your employer will provide u food? What was that condition? They will give u breakfast, lunch, dinner? Or only lunch? Or what it is that?

I believe with such a lower salary, u can only think of survival. If you live very poorly here then you can save $500 to $600, which is around INR 25k per month.

As u didn't mention anything about ur job, company, ur present work n income in India, qualification so I can't suggest u whether u should accept this offer or not.

S$2200/month is the minimum an S-Pass can be given for.
It is difficult to survive on that, even if you share a room with others, eat only the cheapest food available and never go out for drinks or entertainment. Don't even think of savings!
However, if your employer provides accommodation and food (which you indicate in your post and which is common at these low salary levels), then it is probably manageable an some savings will remain.
Remember that Singapore is one of the most expensive places on earth!

I see from some of your previous postings that you are married.
To be allowed to bring your wife along to Singapore as a dependent, you need at least S$5000/month regular income. And for good reason: It is not possible to survive as a couple below that!

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