Fishing in Warsaw or anywhere in Poland

Hi, I'm a new member here. I live in Warsaw for two years now. Everything is cool, but I miss fishing so much. If there is anyone from expats who would like to join me please let me know. I already have the license and I can help with getting it.

So I'm looking for an English speaking fishing buddy. I prefer spinning, but any technique would do. I already have some experience in fishing around here, know some cool places but it's kinda boring to go fishing alone. I have a car, so transport is not a problem.

Looking forward to your replies. You can pm me as well.

Cheers to all!


Unfortunately I live in Gdansk.  I like to fish too.  In the States, I had a house on the Jersey
shore, and a boat.  I miss it a lot too.  If you are in Gdansk look me up.


You are far away but if I ever head there I will let you know!

Anyone from Warsaw or around Warsaw likes fishing?

Hi l live in Wyszkow bin here since 2013 about 40/50 km from Warsaw and l also love fishing l have fished Jegiel here this year lots of small carp also one other very small water with carp the Bug that runs through Wyszkow seems not to hold much and was very low this year ( 40/70 cm) havent got anything there yet, now in winter l don,t know were its good to fish and l can,t go to far. regards Barrie

Hi! I headed to Warsaw in July. Can you help point me to where i can get a fishing license online?

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