English & American T.V. available over the internet free of charge.

It should be noted if your Internet service meters your download volume, then it will be very expensive to watch internet TV. So please be sure before watching these free of charge internet channels to check with your internet provider to ensure that you will not be charged for download volume or for connect time.

This thread maybe be of interest to homesick American and Canadian expats living in Germany and Austria where there is no reliable english language terrestrial T.V. broadcasting.

Here are some interesting links:
(This programing is free of charge)
Here is a link to comedy central: this is free of charge. There is tons of free
video clips
http://www.comedycentral.com/motherload … tion=36434
(This programing is free of charge)
I include a web link to the brand new webcast of MSNBC News with Brian
Williams. This isn't just a 5 minute news clip but is rather the nightly
newscast in its entirety. It is completely free of charge. Here is the link:

So if your interested or curious about it, scroll down right hand side and
click On Demand, then just click on the day of the week that you want to watch.
Obviously as the US is a day behind you would have to click on Wednesday's
newscast otherwise if you click on Monday it will be Monday of
last week.
(This programing is free of charge)
Also the C-Span television network which does some wonderful educational
broadcasts offer a service free of charge, where you can watch their programming
live over the internet broadcast from Washington DC for free.
http://www.c-span.org/  IF you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click
on Live Streams and select the windows media player, the telecast starts. You
can make it go full screen by doing a double left mouse click on it. At that
point the picture may seem a bit fuzzy, but what I do is I get back about 3 or
4ft from my computer screen and then it doesn't seem as fuzzy. C-Span is a great
source of information for students and people and its broadcast live from
Washington DC. I particularly enjoy Book TV, that is my favorite broadcast on
C-Span. I just turn up my computer loud speakers and it is just like watching TV
live from Washington DC. This is free of charge anywhere in the world.
(Please Note: This is a pro  U.S. military infomation channel)
Here a link to the Pentagon Channel. http://www.pentagonchannel.com/
Just click on watch the Pentagon channel live. This web edition of the Pentagon
channel is available to anyone as a public service absolutely free of charge. It
is precisely the same Pentagon channel with identical programming as to what is
made available over the internet satellite in Europe on AFN TV.

Also pbs is free of charge and has some clips on its website. Here is the URL:
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline … iors/view/
Just click on the pictures and it runs in clips about 15 minutes each. You may
have to click on 3 separate clips to watch the whole one hour Frontline show. It
takes a while for the clips to load. Then double click on the square picture,
then to make it go full screen put cursor in middle of picture, and a small box
in left corner click on that, just click once and it goes to theater mode full
screen on your computer.

For English speakers living in Germany, the German government operates a broadband simulcast TV station identical to its satellite broadcasting available over the Internet free of charge. This broadband internet channel is available 24/7 free of charge and provides news, and entertainment as well as cultural programming. Alternatively into English and German languages both, which for native English speakers can provide interesting cultural insights to the German host nation. Also as broadcasting happens in German and English both, if you listen to the broadcast in English first, it may help you to understand the same broadcast when it is repeated in German, and help build language skills and cultural awareness even. Here is the link:

Just a quick word with all internet broadband TV stations, that broadcast free of charge, it may be that at peak prime time viewing hours, due to limitations in broadband capacity, that you may experience some technical difficulties, but I've found as these services are made available free of charge, that I can afford to exercise some patience and come back to the site at a later point to enjoy their programming. Also it helps to have a fast internet connection.

It should be noted if your Internet service meters your download capacity, then it will be very expensive to watch internet TV. So please be sure before watching these free of charge internet channels to check with your internet provider to ensure that you will not be charged for download volume or for connect time.

I'd like to build an ex-pat's blog where we post this on other blogs where ex-pats who have no access to English speaking television might be likely to see it. If anyone can give an advice on where I can start an ex-pat's blog free of charge please post. Also please share this information with your friends. Finally a request that if you know of any broadband English language television stations that are available on the internet free of charge, would you please make a most and share that information with the rest of us. Thank you.

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Please help us to build a resource of internet Broad band Stations availible free of charge for English speaking Expat living in Europe who don't get english language T.V. free of charge. Please post and tell us what broadband T.V. stations your watching and how you like what you see. Or please tell us how you like one of the broadband T.V. stations that I'm post on this thread?? Please post and help us build our resource and share the wealth with us. Please remember to make this work we need your help. So please post today!!! :) Thanks!!:cool:

For the U.K. Regional news please feel free to check out the I.Tv news local available free of charge. (please note that the news is not always available at all times, so check the schedule for your time zone, if you want to watch the I.T.V news or you'll end up watching real estate news T.V. instead). 

Local ITV news:
http://player.narrowstep.tv/default.asp … local_news

Lindsay Charlton, ITV Meridian’s Managing Director said: “This is the first time in 50 years that an ITV region has provided news and feature programming 24 hours a day to the entire region. We’re also giving our viewers the opportunity to create their own programming and we think there is an enormous potential appetite for this service. Friends and family can catch up with their own region wherever they are in the world thanks to the internet and broadband technology”.

http://www.itvregions.com/Meridian/Regi … +local.htm

Excellent, thanks! There's also youtube...

I use these guys:


Strange, I am surprised that it works TV over Internet, but I do not want to watch TV on my computer? I have chosen the Sky card which I have refered from

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