Bachelor of Technology (B.TECH0 and Bachelor of science (BSC)

Bachelor of Technology (B.TECH - 4 years) and Bachelor of science (BSC- 3 years) degress completed from Punjab Technical University (PTU) jalandhar are recognised by NZQA ?

I checked PTU is not liste din exempted list of NZQA but then its recognised bu AICTE.

As anybody applied earlier similarly from PTU ? do we have to send transcripts to NZQA for recognition or we assume that since its under AICTE then we can assume it exempted though not mentioned ?

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to apply under SMC

Evenif u studied in a college recgnzd by AICTE, u need to provide the transcript as AICTE recognizes almost all crses in India. If the university is there in the exemption list them u need not provide.

Hi there,

Just checking if you applied for NZQA IQA for this and what was the result? I am on the same boat as well

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