3 Year TRC (Temporary Residence Card) without work permit

mtgmike :

Thanks much!  I'll give her a call.  I'm just finding out I may have some other issues with my DN visa from last year, I put a separate post about that on the forum.

As you noted in your new thread, you are facing some serious problems with your current Visa.

Some of us highly recommend this forum member (she posted earlier in this thread) for legal assistance:

https://www.expat.com/forum/profile.php … mp;lang=en

I actually have her on retainer now for possible future legal needs.

Good luck!

Hi everyone

Anyone has any idea the procedure to renew the trc which is spouse sponsored and the cost of it


I read through both threads since I qualify for both options.  I have every document required for the investor TRC, just received my work permit exemption this week.  Have a DT visa, active company.

I am also married to VN citizen.

Is there any advantage to either of the TRC?  From what I read it appears the biggest drawback is that the longest I can get the investor TRC is the length of my work permit exemption, which is two years.  Are the marriage-based TRC always three years?

Also, it appears when one expires, you have to apply for a new one all over again.  If you have an investor TRC would that require a new DT visa just to apply for the TRC since it is a requirement of getting an investor TRC or will they use the current TRC in lieu of needing a new DT visa?  If the visa is required to apply that makes it twice as expensive.

Marlan123 :

Anyone has any idea the procedure to renew the trc which is spouse sponsored and the cost of it

Based on the timeline at the beginning of this thread, at least some individuals would have passed the 3 year mark sometime near the beginning of this year.  It would seem logical that it would be renewable as long as you are still married, but stranger things have happened in the world of Vietnamese visas and residency.

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