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Hi guys, im going to arrange a flight to come in singapore. Can you give me suggestion what month should I come to look for a job? I am confused if i come in 1st week of january or february? February is a chinese new year, right? Is it possible that month lots of hiring?  Please give me some advice. Thanks a lot.

General believe that after Chinese New Year, the recruitment process speeds up but it depends on demand and supply.

As u have not said any thing about your career back ground, so unable to tell further.

But at present, job market is not in good shape. Anyway, wish you good luck in ur job search.


Hi, thanks for your response. I want to apply in the field of Finance/Accounting industry. I want to ask some advice in what preferable month to come in SG between january and february only.

There is no preferable month as such, it purely depends on your knowledge, experience, career certificates, and last not the least ur little luck.

Before coming, you can visit and or where you can create your own profile and upload your resume then simultaneously you may check if any suitable job is available for u, so that you can directly apply and reach out employer or consultant if it has given further details.

Further to the above, you may plan for at least 2 to 3 weeks stay in SG while searching job as it may take longer in order to find a job here. You can find out ur friend's place or hostel or subsequently if u need further advise u may reach out me directly or if u want spend $2000 at least for 2 weeks then you get 2 star hotels here.

My best wishes with u, good luck.

I'll be  staying at my friends place. So it's okay if i come in SG before or after the chinese new year?

Thanks surya2k.

Most hiring is done in the months AFTER Chinese New Year, very little before that.
You should plan on 2 - 3 months stay to find a job and go through all the formalities - hiring decisions are not made quickly in Singapore.
The best is to already send job applications to potential employers before your trip and mention "I will be in Singapore from XX to YY and would like to discuss this in more detail with you then". This will maximize your chances for interview invitations!

Thanks Beppi, Yes I will do that.
I come on 1st week of february but I'm in doubt if it's still possible to do some walk-in interview? since it's a chinese a new year.

And also, what are the ways that I can be able stay in SG for 2-3 mos? Because as I've known foreign can only be allowed to stay for 1 month. Do you have any suggestion if ever I want to extend my staying?

i know ASEAN particularly Pinoys do exit for 4 to 5 days out side of SG then return to get another 30days to stay. You may do that as well.

I don't think so is there any other way u can stay longer but if u have long term pass or visa then upto 3 months can stay in selective cases.

It is NOT advisable to leave Singapore for a short time after maximizing your tourist visa (SVP) and then returning and expecting to get another 30 days!
The proper way is to extend your visa at ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) in Singapore before it expires. If you have a good reason (don't mention job search - visiting relatives is good) you can get 89 days that way.

Yes beppi, without leaving SG you can apply extended visa for one month or 2 months. But it must have substantial reason to ask for 30 days extension. If you r visiting family here, or in a medical treatment or study tour but I do not know if the person Who is consulting above does match either of any.

Now ICA too have adopted strict approach due to influx of migrants for better job n life here.

The candidate is the best person to judge about her criteria, but there is nothing wrong for her to apply for extention while staying in SG during her visit.

Easier way to get an extended visa is find a family member here.

Good luck

Thank you beppi and surya2k for your response.

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