Looking for accommodation in Douala

I am looking for accommodation in Douala, but it seems very difficult to find a real estate agent who offers villas for rent. Can someone tell me where do the foreigners live in Douala, is there secured compounds, or nice areas to live in with modern houses? Thanks for your help! Dominique Seghin

Hi Dominique,

Most foriegners live in Bonopriso or Bonanjo. There are some nice villas but you will need to either be lucky or give it some time before you find something nice. There are apartment buildings with security, but not huge compounds like you get in some countries. The real estate market is largely unorganised so you will find it difficult to find a broker online who can help you.


i am adnan and i want to move next month in douala so
i need tips and let me know what is rental house available
in bonopriso
and also want to know that i am planning to start business in douala so it is safe for business and how i can get work permit

m adnan

Getting an accomodation is Douala is not that easy,i had to wait for a month after my arrival before i could get  an appartment.If you are planing to move to Douala,the first advice i can give you is to contact the right agent.I was duped twice by some people i thought were honest people.

By the way the exist honest "agent immobilier" as the frehch call it. eventhought it takes sometime.Expats mostly live in pLaces like BONANJO, BONAPRISO, AKWA where they level of security is high and constant

Getting an accommodation in Douala is not easy at all.I am real Estate agent living in Yaounde and i have help many people especially some few french citizens to find good apartments here in Yaounde.I usually don't ask for upfront fee but sign an agreement with the person concerned then i look for one an present.If not interested, i continue the search till i find the appropriate accommodation.That is exactly how i work.

Hello Dominique;

Have u got what you wanted? Please send me an email  with clear specifications on the type of apartment you need; price range, etc
and we'll see how we can help.


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