English native speaker meet for friendship Kiev

I would like to build a friendship with English native speaker who live or smt visit Kiev. Please sent me email if you are interested in sightseeing, discovering new places in Kiev. **

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Barryjac :

Hi Iryna, very happy to see your message. I live in South Africa but I am very interested in Ukraine and whats going on there, and I want to go there soon, maybe 2017. Not sure how yet, but I would love to talk with you and share ideas. Maybe you can email me? Im at ***. Barry

"maybe 2017" isn't that soon...

In any case, please don't share contact information on the forum.  Please review the Ukraine Forum Code of Conduct.  Thank you.

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Hi Iryna, Nice to hear from you. My name is Raj (Радж). I am from India. I work and live in Kharkov.

Hi Barry.

I am glad to hear from you.
If you decide to come to Ukraine I shall be glad to help you in any issue - transport, accommodation,  any information about places you can visit.
Please you can contact me thorough my personal email - XXX

Kind regards

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Hi Raj.

Nice to hear from you as well. How are you doing? I am from Kiev

Iryna Tkhorenko :

Please you can contact me thorough my personal email - *********.

Kind regards

Really Iryna? Did you not read my message asking not to post contact info on the forum, per the Ukraine Forum Code of Conduct?  :dumbom:  :)

Expat.com Experts Team

Sorry I did not mention that

Hi Iryna, I am doing good. How about you?


Hello everyone,

Hi saro2410, maybe a couple of words to introduce yourself  :)


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