This is my experience

I have enjoyed the few days in this wonderful country but my problem is not finding any Ghanaian friends. Have been searching the length and breadth of this city but can't seem to find any.

Did you use the search function on the NETWORK tab or this site?

Why are you looking for Ghanaian friends?
Are other nationalities worse?
Even if you're Ghanaian yourself - did you leave your country just to stay with your countrymen?!?

It is always wise to do a little bit research before u step out from ur own country.

If you could have done that, then u need not to write this message. Secondly, not necessary ur country men r every where, it's not like you are Chinese or Indian community where u can get in every part of the world.

So better start learning how to make friendship with other countrymen or else you will find more isolated due to your thought process. Good luck Ghanian

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