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Hi all,

I need your piece of cent on my situation. I renounced my PR 2yrs ago ang relocated to another country. I decided to come here in Sg as I find my career is more competitive here. I regreted my decision leaving Sg. So I came back under SVP and for 2weeks looking for a new oppotunity, I am lucky I was shortlisted. The company already applied my EP. By the way I have 9yrs experience working here in Singapore taken also my post grad study in NYP, and I also have 7 certificates training on related job that I am applying now. My question is, what is the chance of my Epass approval. I know now adays, the approval is really stringent. Thank you very much.

The Singapore authorities dislike people who renounce their PR.
It will be very difficult for you to live and work in Singapore again.
If you also withdrew your CPF savings, you will probably not get an EP (unless you are Nobel price winner, worl class athlete or Singapore wants to have you for a similar reason).
If you left your CPF intact, you may get an EP, but not PR (or even citizenship).

In addition: If you have no university degree, only NYP diploma, you can only get an S-Pass (EP only if you earn above S$12000/month).
What I said above applies to S-Pass as well.

Hi Beppi,
Thank you so much for the reply. Seriously I regret it. I did enquire ICA how to reapply again, I was advised to return the CPF money, I need to have valid pass for the process. I have university degree back in my home country. Tha company offered me $5000, they assess my qualifications and experiences before applying EP. Thank you again.

If you withdrew your CPF, I recommend you don't put much hope into this.
There are many other countries in this world where you could live and work!

With a university degree, further education and 9 years experience, S$5000/month is far too low to get an EP.
You can use the SAT tool on MOM's website to figure out what you need to earn to qualify.

Thank u so much Beppi, u gave me a clearer view of my chance. My employer did the SAT and it shows that I am eligible.

Hi all,

Just an update, my pass is approved. Thank u Lord. Godbless everyone

Congratulations - I am surprized, but you must be in a profession where Singapore sorely needs manpower!

Thank u Beppi. I just do believe and trust the Lord.

The Lord of the Rings?
Or do you mean this God who claims he's the only one? (He's wrong on this!)

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