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Why is it really hard to work in Singapore ? what I mean is really hard to go there?
Also why do you really need big money to get there?
Why our agencies really need big money enable to work abroad or in Singapore
Because I really want to work in Singapore but it is hard cause it's too expensive when we have agency here in Philippines.

It is not hard to work in Singapore if you have skills and experience that is in demand and allows you to find a job easily.
You also do not need big money - visa are paid for by the employer and agencies are not allowed to chage job seekers a single penny by Singapore law.
If some unscupulous agencies in your country charge lots for it (whether allowed by your country's law or not), this is a problem of your country, not Singapore. (Note: Many such agencies are crooks who will not give you a job, only take your money.)
I recommend you contact suitable Singapore companies in your industry directly with your application - this also multiplies your chances (especially if you visit Singapore for an extended job search trip).

To get a job in your favorite destination is not that easy unless during your campus placement at university you are hired directly. Like in my case I was offered an international offer by a global bank directly during summer campus placement in MBA, so it depends on your field, university and placement programme for freshers.

For experienced person, he or she can directly check local singapore job portals like OR OR then upload your resume and search suitable jobs in your field and apply or you may contact Michelpage, Manila office if they r currently recruiting in your field in SG.

Avoid those agencies who are asking huge money and find no authentication about their offer.

Keep trying, have patience, be positive, update your skill sets as per market demand. Success is yours.

Good luck in advance

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