Moving to Jakarta - Cost of living

Hi All,

I'll be moving to Jakarta by Nov end.
My office is at Menteng Dalam.
I will be getting around 40 million IDR after all the taxes.
Medical is covered. Education i have to pay.
What i want to know are the following:

1. Cost of renting a 1BHK near to office.
2. Schooling for my daughter near to office (English Medium - kindergarten) - Checked out Highscope...Any reviews on this?
3. Avg cost of living for a family ( 3 people)
4. Is the package enough to save something?

It would be of great help if you guys can throw some light on the above points.


Vivek, try searching through other posts here. I think you will find most things ready covered.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the reply.
I did go through most of the previous threads.
Got a broad idea but wasn't too sure about rent and schooling in the area i mentioned.
So thought of putting this up.

It would be helpful, if you can share some info.
Apologies for asking you to write again.


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