Moving to Namur in 2016

Hi all, I'm moving to Namur from Ireland next year. I'll be moving with my Belgian girlfriend who intends to go back to college in the city. I'm an artist by trade so that's not going to be much help in terms of finding employment. I have a basic level of French but am hoping to improve this to a decent level prior to going there. Does any one have any information as to the job market over there at present? Or indeed the city as a place to live? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Concerning your french ability, take contact with :

- … lfop-namur
- … ;langue=FR

Concerning your job search, take contact with :

- … namur.html
- check the agencies of temporary job

Do not bothered you, Namur is a pleasant and civilized city. For a long time we no longer eat English visitors ...

It's nice to know that the people of namur don't eat English visitiors 😊

Thanks for your reply and links,

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