Taxes for freelancers on Brussels

Hi everybody, I am a newbie of the forum, this is just my second post ;)

I am considering to move to Brussels so I have an interesting offer right now. I would have to become a freelance, what don't suppose a problem, but I was looking in some web pages about the taxes and fees I would have to pay and I saw that over 32.000 euro per year you have to pay a 50% on income taxes PLUS a 13% for the social security, what makes a total of 63% of my incomes 0.0 !!

Is this correct or I am wrong? Would I just remain the 37% of my incomes ?

Welcome to Charroman :)

I just want to inform you that I have moved your discussion to the Brussels forum. This will surely allow you to get accurate responses from members living in that region.


Yud, was this post in the Belgium group? Becauses taxes are NOT a city issue, it is for the entire country. Please move this thread BACK to the Belgium group so that ALL Belgium members can see it and offer input!

Hello Melby,

My bad understanding, in fact you are right. Sorry again for the redirection. I have moved it back to its original place.


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