Company that needs Arabic & English training

Dear All,

Can you suggest a company in Riyadh that needs any training Arabic or English that will provide for their employees?

Because i have searched in some forums that many here in KSA ignores training needs for their employee that results in mis-behavior or misconduct that will greatly affect the company. What they will do, they will terminate that employee or will not renew his contract and hire a new employee with low salary and do the same thins in the process. results, company never grows or grow but with too much effort in place.

I would like to help those companies in bringing this topic to these forum... Hoping that some company employee will read this and think that training is the easiest way to build a firm foundation on their company.

I learned all these things because i am currently working in a training company which provides a great results and great deals to their clients. For example, we have an offer for in-house training that will conduct the training first and wait for the participants feedback of the training, If the feedback is less than 80% we will not make any invoices for the company. This is a sure way that the training is a success and participants have gained knowledge.

You are free to contact me if you would like a specific training and I will check if we have appropriate instructor for that and we will have our deals,.

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