Job in Singapore... would you mind giving more information about that

I am Benjamin from Ghana born and grown here including schooling. I worked under the U.S army in Afghanistan. For six years as a civilian but am now back to Ghana my mother land as my company contact has ended so I want to now travel to Singapor and work there. Any one can reach me on this number xxx
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Welcome to Singapore, have you already found a job in Singapore?
I heard that the American Chamber of Commerce was good for networking and meet people.
If you want we are a group of several nationalities, if you want to join us a day, you are welcome.

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hi, I'm looking for a job in Singapore... would you mind giving me more information about that?


My advice to find a job in Singapore is LinkedIn and networking. Be in Singapore is a big plus, and also speak another Asian language, like you.
Of course be patient, the job market is not so easy in Singapore.


All the best! :-) Let me know if you need any help!

Hi! You can find jobs at jobdb, jobstreet - they are job portals in Singapore where companies usually post available positions waiting to be filled :-)

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As far as jobs are concerned, you may also read the articles under the Work section of the Living in Singapore Guide.

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Hi, Is anybody there, could you please give me idea about how to get work visa and working in Singapore, I interested and want to work there. Thanks

You can check various forums here where people had discussed in details.

You need an employer to hire you who can issue employment pass (workings visa) to work legally in Singapore.

You can explore various way via local job portals to look jobs related to your experience then apply or visit for 1 month at least (stay here) then start looking job but in both cases it's not easy to get through. All the best.

Oh I use to try before in some website job but thought it doesn't work and taking so long time. Anyway thanks you for comment.

Just keeping look through here.

You may look out local job portals such as OR OR or OR big consultant firms such as OR RobertWalters and so on.

It always depends on demand and supply with niche skills. If your experience and educational background gives additional benefits in current market then recruitment agencies will reach you after you applied the job. Good luck.

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