Hi everyone

I want to have a job please.

Jean wisner :

I want to have a job please.

Hello Jean,

Unfortunately here in Brazil wanting and getting are two vastly different things. The highly protective and nationalistic laws in this country require all employers to prove that they have exhausted all efforts to place a Brazilian in any job vacancy before they would be permitted to hire an expat to fill it. As if that isn't a daunting enough task, one must have a sufficiently advanced level of fluency in the Portuguese language as well, since English is not widely spoken in Brazil, not even in the workplace.

You don't mention any of your qualifications or previous work experience, so it would be extremely difficult to predict whether you would succeed in finding employment here or not. That said, I can tell you that unless you have a degree (pref. one ot the STEM - science, technology, engineering, mathematics fields) and a few years of related work experience you're facing an uphill battle.

James     Expat-blog Experts Team

I have a degree in computer science an i have studied technical support also, i haven't gotten any experience yet on working in my carrier but i do work an call center for 4 years cause i studied in Dominican republic, so the reason why i want to leave this country as you guys can hear about, they treat us very bad as a nation in we can't survive anymore, so me and my wife we're plaining to move to brazil just have another opportunity in order to build our life.

I'm very confident and ready to work with you as soon as possible, but i want a chance from you is to allow me working with you without any kind of experience and i'm sure you will be proud of me.

Thank you
Lic. Jean wisner

Hello Jean,

I see that you're from Haiti and presently living in Brazil. Finding work here really will depend on your visa status. Are you here as a refugee, which gives you the right to work here? That will make things a bit easier for you.

If not, unfortunately, it is too late for you to seek refugee status since that must be done immediately on arrival.

While computer science courses are probably produce more graduates in Brazil than any other university program, so you've got all kinds of competition for any job vacancy. While it may be difficult to find a job it won't be impossible if you already have the right to work. If you don't then you'd probably be better off in some form of self-employment.

James    Expat-blog Experts Team

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