Looking for more friends

Im new here and im a Singaporean looking for more friends around the world who stays or work here. PM me :)

Hi there,

Welcome to Singapore.

How is the weather treating you?  I hope you are adjusting well.

My name is Eileen. 

Let's chat and be friends.



Fish: You could start by introducing yourself here. That way, people are more likely to reply if you catch their interest!

Hi plan to reach Singapore next week for one month and am looking for new friends their

Hi I plan to reach Singapore am looking for friend their

yayoun wrote:

Hi I plan to reach Singapore am looking for friend their

You sound like a broken record: "looking for friend their ... looking for friend their ... looking for friend their ..."
including the mistypings ("their").
Why don't you introduce yourself and give some more information, to get people interested to you? (As I already suggested to you in another thread.)

Am yann Cedric Komenan an ACCA student, am a black African  native francophone, Plan to go in Singapore in two 2week because of language and also fear of unknow I wish to get friends their before reaching,I will stay in Singapore for one month.
Thx you

This was a very short introduction.
Maybe you can also tell us why you are visiting Singapore and where you will stay.
Also, your interests or what you would like to do or see in Singapore.

Am planning to visit Singapore for fun to know new civilization I book a hostel THE INNCROWD BACKPACKERS In little India I hope I will meet new friend in Singapore and opportunity to upgrade my knowledge in finance and English as am a francophone

The Inn Crowd is a good place to meet other travellers - and Little India is the most lively district in Singapore.
Since Singapore is mostly English-speaking, you'll have plenty of opportunuty to practise the language.

Hi, I'm Malaysian who just returned to Singapore for work last month. After living in New Zealand for 3 years I'm glad to be back to Singapore with all the local food to eat. Anyone wants to meet up for some good local food?  :)

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