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I am from india. I am chartered account from ICAI (Indian Institute of chartered account of india) which is governing body in india. I have a offer letter from singapore's company. Co is yet to apply for EP. I also have 4 years of experience. What are the chances that my EP will get approved. They are paying me more that 5000SGD.

Hi Biyani, welcome to SG.

Holding a CA certificate has certainly chances very high to get EP without much trouble.

As you didn't say your salary so unable to comment whether it's a good offer or not.

But certainly a CA professional with 4yrs exp with more than 5k is below average looking at current cases where Singapore is termed as a top 5 expensive cities in the world.

Anyway, nevertheless it's a good opportunity to get international exposure. All the best.

Thanks for the reply. My salary is 5400sgd. I know that its 1000sgd below my expectation but looking forward to get international developed country exposure. Also that would also be helpful you can tell me that whether I will be able to save 1500after all exp. As per details from co my rent will be somewhere around 2000.

As I'm not sure about your family background so unable to say how much you will save.

If you r a bachelor then definitely yes you can save much more than $1,500.

You can reach me [email protected] for further information if you need.


I am married. My wife is also CA. She has been promised to be placed by the same employer at 2500. 1500 is from my salary and her salary also goes into saving. Is my expectation realistic.


Beppi has replied to similar  queries asked by many members in the past .
He has also inculculated all the expenses with regards to
Rent ,transport ,food ,education ,healthcare,
Electricity ,water, phone ,gas ,
cable internet utities , etc.

5000 is good for a single person .
For a family you need 10 k ,+ if you are looking at savings also .
Most expensive are the rent and education .
Also healthcare .
Taxes are easy to calculate.
So if you will be living alone , take the offer .

All the best

Anyway i am going ahead with this offer. Could you please suggest me which is the nearest residence area near "Sungei Kadut Crescent" which should be economical as well.

Hahaha, Sungei Kadut is probably the most difficult to reach (by public transport) industrial estate in Singapore and full of messy, dirty, heavy industry - one of the least "Singaporean" places I have seen in the country.
There isn't even a bus stop near Sungei Kadut Crescent! (And having a car is definitely out of your budget at your salary.) Is your employer providing transport?
The nearest residential area is Yew Tee, 25min walk away (along an unpleasantly huge road, no bus available). Yew Tee is relatively cheap for rentals, because not many people want to live there (an hour by MRT from the city centre).

And, as the above posters pointed out, you will struggle to survive at S$5400/month for two. Even after your wife works (at S$7900/month combined income) I doubt you will save the S$1500/month you are dreaming of.

Yes, they will be providing bus facility from nearest metro station. They told me that you will get HBD apartment for rent in 2000 sgd in woodland area. Also they will be reimbursing mobile charges. I don't understand why i won't be able to save out of my salary. Apart from milk, bread i will be bringing everything from india. I don't have to buy anything out there.

Even i don't have a child, so no education cost.

The nearest MRT station to Sungei Kadut is Yew Tee.
You can probably find a reasonable HDB flat there for S$2000-2400/month.
Add to that S$200-400 utility charges (depending mostly on your aircon usage).
Then you need S$800-1000/month per person for groceries, toiletries, clothes, local transport. Depending on your lifestyle, it can be more than that, but never below.
Taxes are low, at around S$150/month.
Now add another S$300-500/month for other items and occasional expenses and you end up with S$4500-5500 for the simplest lifestyle imagineable - but that is not a life worth living, if you ask me: no restaurant meal, taxi trip or weekend outing, no smoking or alcohol (which cost a lot in Singapore), no phone calls home, no vacation trips, no cinema, concert or other entertainment, no getting sick and needing a doctor, etc.
Add all these in moderate amounts, plus a more pleasant residence, and you need double of what I calculated above.
Singapore is not cheap, but a great place to life for those who don't need to turn every penny!

A liter of milk costs S$3, a packet of toast bread S$2, a snack and a drink at a hawker centre S$5-6 (you will be having this for lunch every day near your workplace), an MRT ticket from Woodlands to Yew Tee S$1.30 and from Yew Tee to the city centre S$2 (or S$26 by taxi).

Actually i will be bringing everything from india as my employer has agreed to reimburse excess baggage allowance. Apart from that i am teetotaler and non smoker. I live a very decent life here and package in INR is 11lacs.

Please suggest as i am coming to singapore to gain international exposure. Does it worth for me.

You must ask yourself this question:
Are you prepared to endure being poor for the sake of international exposure?
For fresh graduates or young singles, I would definitely advice to go for it, as it gives them new experiences and skills useful for later life and career.
But for you? Difficult to say. In the end, you (and your wife) must decide this for yourself!

I just checked on numbeo.com : Cost of living in India is 1/4 to 1/5 of Singapore.

Actually my wife will get decent opportunity over there as she will be on dependent pass. So its much easier for her to change the job. So i am betting on that. Am i right?

Do not plan on that!
1. It is not assured (and getting more difficult in recent years) that she can get an LoC, which allows work on DP.
2. Trailing spouses on DP/LoC are usually underpaid (see your employer offering her much less than you!)
If she finds a job that pays similar to yours and gets her own EP, you'd have enough money for a good life (and possibly a kid). But can she?

Don't worry, u will get house near woodland, Yew tee or Admiralty area in the range between  $1800 to $2100 then rest of expenses are not that much.

You can save $1000 from ur salary and once ur wife gets her job. Then you most likely can save $2.5k per month, with a very simple life in SG.

Good luck, all the best.

Can someone let me whether MOM gives time when can you apply for EP. My co. is telling me that 30 days timeline of EP advertisement is ending on last day of Oct. So we will apply on 1st week of Nov. Is it something realistic ?

Hi Surya.... waiting for your comments.

I assume you are talking about the advertising requirement on the (locals only) job bank before a foreigner can be hired?
That is two weeks - and if a suitably skilled local is found, they must hire him/her and not you.

Govt last year released a statement saying that any skillful job need to be advertised for 2weeks in a portal called job bank where only local employees can apply, in these days if employers unable to find a right candidate then employer can go to foreign job seeker.

In ur case, if employer says the advertisment for this job ends by end of October then he can only apply may be in mid November or so to justify to MOM that he took another couple of weeks to get the right candidate from overseas. Hope this clarifies ur query.

Thanks surya.


Can someone please let me know whether we need to take clearance from MOM to apply for EP. My company is saying that they have already advertised but waiting for MOM clearance to apply EP. Due to that timeline of applying EP is getting extended.

You should rather which clearance are they waiting for? Need more details before I can coment further.

Anyway all the best n get your EP approve

They are waiting for MOM clearance to apply for EP. They didn't tell me exactly which formality is pending. So i am trying to know whether we need to take any MOM clearance  to even apply for EP.

There is no clearance of any kind needed before a company can apply for an EP.
But if they apply without following proper formalities, it will be rejected.

In my experience I never heard a company needs a clearance from MoM to apply EP. Normally a company apply for EP based on its valid explanation to MOM on what basis they want to hire a foreign talent.

Based on their assessment, valid reasons and an employee's career certificates and experience, salary offerring, MoM will decide whether they should approve your EP or not.

Hi surya,

Co applied my EP on 11th and today it got rejected. What should be next action. Being CA is of no use for me.

It would be good to know the exact wording of the rejection letter. You can sometimes guess the rejection reason from it - and that determines the best course of action.
It might be that your education or experience is not recognised or deemed not relevant enough for the job, or that there are enough equally skilled locals (did your employer post the job for two weeks on the locals-only "jobs bank" with no suitable candidate applying, as required by law before hiring a foreigner?), or that the company cannot hire foreigners at all (do they have any others?), or a number of other reasons.
The company can appeal, but without knowing the reason it is difficult to do this successfully. They can also ask MoM for the reason (which they only rarely tell).
You should also look for another job offer, just in case.

Co has complied with advertisement requirement. Already so many Indians are working with them. My job profile is quite relevant to current work profile in India. So don't understand why they rejected. HR will ask the reason for rejection on monday.

Hi Beppi

Could you please tell from where to get exact wording of rejection letter.

sbiyani1990 wrote:

Could you please tell from where to get exact wording of rejection letter.

Of course from the person who received the letter - probably in your company's HR.

Is there any way i can know the reason of rejection without having to approach company's HR. Also just in 2 days time they rejected my application. Is it normal timeline of rejection or there is really something wrong which pinched the MOM.
Why i am asking this because i am able to check EP status online,so i in the same manner can i check  reason of rejection.

As I said before, MoM does not normally disclose the reason for rejection. Only from the exact wording of the rejection letter can you sometimes guess something. There is also a chance that an understanding officer tells more when approached by the company after a rejection (they do not deal with job seekers dirctly).
The speed of processing (approval/rejection) is highly variable and does not tell much.


Is it difficult to get appointment with MOM to know more on reason of rejection. Also in personal interaction do they give more insight into the reasons of rejection for sure.

Is there any other way i can check the status of my EP which was appealed. While checking through EP online it is still showing rejected. Can i drop a mail to MOM to know the latest status. My HR is telling me that they have already appealed for me yesterday.

You can of course send your question to MoM by postal mail, but it is much easier and faster to call or send an email.

Can anybody please let me know why EP status does not change even after appeal

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