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Hi all,

I would like to have some advice on work visa regarding S pass and E pass. I am a Hong Kong resident currently seeking work in Singapore. I have already found a potential employer and we are in the process finalising an offer. I would like to know whether I have a better chance of approval in a S pass or E pass.

A little background about myself. I am from Hong Kong and I hold a British overseas and Hong Kong SAR passport. I am 24 years old, recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Product Design from Curtin University Perth (Western Australia). I do not have prior work experience, except for internship and a 3 month designer contract from an exhibition company in Perth.

The company that I could be working for specialise in design and manufacturing commercial products and they are hiring an industrial designer for concept design, 3D and 2D drafting, sales and machine operations.

I understand that E pass or S pass is subject to salary, quota and levy. We are still in the process of salary negotiation, but my potential employer is open to adjust my monthly salary ($2,500-$3,500) to accommodate either E or S pass requirements. If that is the case, and considering my qualifications and experience stated above, which work pass will stand a higher chance of approval?

Your input is much appreciated.


In MOM site you may get all the details, looking at your education and work experience along with the salary is being offered by ur employer, you may be offered S pass.

MOM says that S pass can be issued to a person who has technical certificate along with experience, where as EP holder must be a graduate with min 3 to 4yrs of experience. And for EP a minimum salary should be $3300-$3500 where as S pass holder should have $2500 salary.. This is on paper, further details can be obtained from MOM website.

Nevertheless, it's MOM decision what to offer you S pass or EP. Good luck you friend.

Thanks for the response. I did look up MOM site and also rang up MOM to reconfirm the visa requirements. I was told by the rep that both S pass and E pass can apply without any work experience. I have also tried using the SAT tool base on my qualification (degree holder, no work experience). Not sure how accurate it is, but for a salary between $2,500 up to $3,500 I could only get an S pass. Only if I go up to $4,000 then I have the possibility for an E pass. But I read it on other topics in the forum that S pass is only eligible for technical certificate and diploma holder and degree holder can only apply for EP is that true?

For S pass, a minimum salary should be $2,200 and other details can be seen in below link … ligibility

For EP, a minimum salary of $3,300 and other details can be seen in below link … ligibility

Hope above links will clarify all your doubts.

The main difference between S-Pass and EP is education: EP requires a university degree (in almost all cases) and S-Pass only a technical certificate (diplomas from polytechnical schools count as such). It is rare (not impossible) to get an S-Pass as university degree holder, but this does not usually reduce the salary requirement (min. S$3300/month for a fresh graduate), because MoM does not want foreigners to distort the salary levels in the market.
However, it is also a requirement for any work pass that you have skills that the employer cannot find among the local workforce (which must be hired first, by law). This is a difficult hurdle for a fresh grad with no experience! Thus your success depends entirely on the justification your employer must give to MoM why they want to hire you.

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