Polish community in Mauritius

Hi. I'm Polish married to Brazilian. We are at the moment in UK looking to move next year to Mauritius. We lived for two years in South Africa. I would love to hear some advice from fellow Polish people in Mauritius

Hi Wiola
I am Aneta , living in London , but currently in Mauritius to get married.I am permanently moving to Mauritius next year .I have been to Mauritius many times .If you have questions or you wanna meet new friends send me a message

Hi All,
Me and my family are planing to move to Mauritius. Im originally from Poland my husband  is from Mauritius,We have been living in Dublin for over 12 years soo:) its time for some changes in life. I was just wondering if there are any advice, any tips.. anything that you could share with me before the big mooooovve:)
I will appreciate it very much,
Thank you in advance:)

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