Squash in Bahrain

I've been generally looking all around for squash .. courts, players and all

I know the game isn't popular in Bahrain. and not even close

so if someone can get us the ultimate experience ... "squash in a nutshell"  :lol:

and also if someone is interested to join or start. and DM for further info

Hi Galamantek,

I will invite you to please drop an advert in the Sport partners in Bahrain section :)

Thank you


There are squash courts at the Dilmun Club, you could try there.

Hello , I m looking for squash partner in Bahrain preferred in Saar ,My proficiency level is mid level  Would like to play with someone on regular basis 2-3 times a week. Fun approach is the most important. Any level welcome.
If you are still looking for a partner, let me know.

Thanks in advance,


hello, I used to play Squash in France, my racquet and stuffs are in france, i haven't played for last 2/3 years...


Hi. Are u folks still playing squash. Im looking to play during the weekends. Let me know. Tc

Looking for a Squash player to play social squash with. I live in Juffair but open to play anywhere in Bahrain

Wish my message finds you well.
I am looking for an opponent for squash game.
My level: intermediate.
I used to play in Crown Plaza Court.
I do not mind playing anywhere else.
Mobile :***


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I was wondering are you still interested to play squash...??
I am looking for an opponent to play against.
Please let me know if you are interested.
My level is intermediate

I noticed that you are looking for a squash partner. Do you still need one?

Kind regards,

Hey - I'm looking for a squash partner. My level is around beginner to intermediate. Usually play at the Crowne Plaza.

Let me know if you're up for a tester match?


Deyan Fitzgerald

Just sent you a pm

Hi Josh,

I am also looking for a partner & place to play squash.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Absolutely. Do you have a WhatsApp number?

Id like to play as much as possible.

Hi, i'm playing squash since i'm young, i play sometime in bahrain with friends in their building, i don't have budget to play in hotels, if someone has their own facilities in their compound or building, then i can join

Hello Everyone,

I landed here as you all did, looking for someone to play squash with and along with a friend with similar interests I have created a WhatsApp group for squash savvy players in Bahrain. Feel free to join and add friends


-If you don't see the Whatsapp group link, let me know.

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I can not see the link.

Please add my number.

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[at]joshJ Added!

The link is under review by the website atm. Hopefully, it will appear soon. Those who don't want to post their numbers publically can send it through the forum's private msg service.



Looking to get involved with the squash whats app group if it is still going!


Add  me please

Are you still looking for a partner?

By the way, quite a few apartment buildings in Juffair, have squash courts.  Pretty much all of the buildings done by AAA developers i.e. Regent, Fortune etc have courts.  You would need to know a resident there but you can play for free.


Looking to live in Seef so hopefully find a building with a court there. Are there any social groups who play that you know of?

Not sure.  But internations.org have many activity groups.  Sign up and ask a question there.

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