Wild Camping Survivalist Practice

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are looking for someone with a farm near some forest/wilderness/alpine regions to practice some survival skills, before we do a half year of travel in Asia and then another half year in India. If anyone knows of someone who would allow us to camp on their grounds for 2-3 days, and fish and practice some shelter craft etc. we would be greatly appreciative.

We would be more than willing to pay, and we would take great care to reduce any signs we were there. We are incredibly knowledgeable of outdoor survival, but we just need a spot to have a warm-up practice round before we hit the wilderness again.

We are both 25, I am a Chef and she is a Nurse, we currently live in Alpbachtal Tirol for work, although our home is in Steyr in Upper Austria. She is fluent in German, English and speaks some French and comes from Austria. I am fluent in Afrikaans, English and I speak A2 level German, and I come from South Africa.

What we are looking for:

-Secluded forest/wilderness
-Preferably an area with access to a stream/spring so we can fish instead of hunt, but if we are allowed to hunt then that is also fine with us and an agreed upon cost for compensation can be agreed upon.
-Permission to forage and use some of the surrounding resources (Minimal damage to the environment is guaranteed from us)
-An agreement from the owner, that we will not be penalized or shot at while we are there for those few days :)

Any other formalities such as payment, introductions, route planning and whatnot can be discussed at the discretion of the land owner.

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