Should I take the offer?3500 SGD. Can i switch once get employee pass?

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I have 4 years of experience and I have been offered a job of 3500 SGD per month basic with 1 year contract. I did a basic search and found out that it is too less for my experience. Also; the company is not providing relocation assistance and will pay only for the employee pass. I had thought of refusing the offer; then I read on somewhere that it is important to first get foot on the door.

Should I take the offer for now; and change the job 4-5 months later? Can we switch jobs once we get the employee pass; like in the case of USA's H1-B visa; once the visa is approved; its easy to switch job with a new employer. Is this the same case in singapore as well?

Hoping to get suggestions.

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Your EP will be applied for by your employer and is valid only for work there.
If you want to change job, you need to apply for a new EP (which can be rejected for a number of reasons).
Also, MoM (and most employers) dislike job-hoppers, so it is better to stay in the first job for 1-2 years.

Edited to add: With a recognised university degree and 4 years applicable experience, you should earn around S$4500/month. Please note that this is not enough to feed a family - thus you're only allowed to bring spouse and kids if you earn above S$5000/month.

My Bombay friend ,

Singapore is one of the top 5 expensive places to stay in this world .

In many other forums beppi has given break up of the costs with regards to
Rent transport food gas cable internet phone utilitez like electricity  ,water ,etc
Also note accommodation , education is very expensive there .
Very difficult to get admissions in public schools .private schools its more expensive
Most people travel since the transport system  is good .

In simple laymans words ,                                      you need 5 k if you are single
10 k + if you have a family .

All the best


Apologies for not providing the details earlier. Though I think I have got the answer; here are the details:-
Age-26 years; Bachelor
Industry- Information technology
Position-Technical Consultant
Home country-India
Accommodation required -Yes
Current Salary - 1250000 INR per annum

I talk with a positive note. You may chose this job as u r single but looking at ur experience n present earnings in India, this package is at lower side in SG.

With EP, it's difficult to change a job in SG, risk factor is too high when ur new employer's EP application may reject by MOM (Ministry of Manpower) due to many reasons, then u ve to leave SG in30 days.

But chances of new offer in ur case is high cause ur salary level is below average which is a positive sign

All the best.

This is less for sure for IT professionals!!!

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