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Hello there,

I'm Volina and I've been in Vienna for only a week now. I'm a student (and blogger, translator and language tutor when I'm not at the university) from Romania, and I'm doing my Master's at the University of Vienna. As any newcomer, I'd like to meet new people to hang around, go for a walk/coffee/chat, maybe also do a language tandem (I'm offering Romanian, German and English in exchange to Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, French, or Spanish). I also love sports, so any activity involving indoor/outdoor exercise is welcome.

Maybe we can start organising some meetings regularly. It would be fun!

Looking forward to your answers!

Hello Volina,

You may also drop an advert in the following section : Language Exchange in Vienna so as to benefit from more visibility.

Best of luck,

Hi Volina!

I am an Aussie that has been travelling around Europe for 4 months but am now staying in Vienna! Not working at the moment and looking to meet new people too :) I like anything outdoorsy/walks/coffee/chat..


Thanks for the idea, Bhavna!  :D

Hey, Ill be back to vienna December, but would love to meet ambitious people like yourself, as I look for people to inspire me and maybe i can inspire at the sme time and learnd from then new things

Im an artist / creative cartoon director, and a makeup artist, I do like to apply makeup to different kind of faces and to enhance their own beauty.
maybe we can hangout once im back to vienna since im new to live there too
please whatsapp me if you'de like to get to know each other or email me


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hi how r u?
How i can contact with u?
plz email

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UKhan :

hi how r u?
How i can contact with u?

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Hey volina,
My name is Qi, been here for like 2 yrs from Brooklyn.. Still haven't found much to get into but up for meeting new peeps.. I'm a chef been starting up my own catering biz and I do a ton of painting to keep myself busy.. Goin home fo two weeks. Up fo a beer when I'm back?

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