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I am from Pakistan. Want a free bahrain work visa .free mean,s working anywhere in bahrain not only with my sponser. Could such type of visa existing in bahrain.and what type of opportunities are available here. A pakistani agent offer me work  visa in 1250 bd. He says that u  do any  work anywhere in bahrain. Second are  visa cost 1250 bd is suitable price. Please help me with your valuable suggestions.


that sounds fishy to me. It's incredibly expensive for one thing. For another, your employer sorts out your visa, not an agent before you come here. Plus, I'm not aware that you can work for anyone except your sponsor.

Others here will have more experience to answer more accurately.

Free visa's are illegal.

You will buy a visa - then your  "sponsor" will cancel your visa or say you are a runaway and then sell your visa to someone else.

Do not buy a visa, you could end up in jail

Thanks friend  for your assistance. But how can i arrange  my visa. How can i find a sponsor directly with out agent. I have five year of long haul truck driving experience in SaudiArabia. Have valid saudi driving licence.but  now in pakistan. Please help me Friend. If u have any source of arranging sponsorship.

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Thanks friend for your opinion and assistance. I have five year of experience in ksa as a long haul truck driver,also have valid saudi driving licence. Please help me .if you have any source of  arranging job in bahrain as a driver.
Thanks again

Yes its indeed true that buying a visa is illegal. And please be noted that after "amnesty period" which will be last till end of this year, the LMRA would be more aggressive & strong by checking everyone on job description stated in the CPR. In case LMRA catch you , you along with your sponsor will pay a penalty (big amount of money) .

Don't take yourself and your money at risk. Nobody will help you when you are in trouble except yourself. Be smart & practical. If you have a strong experience then its easy for you to get a job here perhaps.

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