French girl from Marseille want to meet foreigners

Hello !

So... I don't really know how to start my description but.. Here we go !

I'm Meredith, french girl from Marseille and I'm 23. I'm here because I'm tired of french people and I wanna meet foreigners :P
I'm a photographer. I like planes, guns, cars and beer but I promise, I'm a real girl haha ! Music is also really important for me. Can't spend a day without it. I play guitar and I'm into rock/metal/folk, but I'm open minded.
I also like to travel, and common stuffs like movies, books, animals..
I'm a Sea Shepherd member. I speak English and French.

Anyway... Don't be shy and feel free to leave a message, I don't bite :)

Hi, i am Ngoc i am in Nantes. Nice to see you.

AMWade :

I'm a photographer. I like planes, guns, cars and beer

Apart from the beer, you could be my double.
If you ever visit Indonesia, we could go for a photo shoot.

AMWade :

I don't bite :)

What a pity, that would have been the chocolate on the cake. :D

Hehe thanks ! Actually i dont think i'll travel This year because i'm planning to move to L.A This summer. But if you ever come in France, let me know :)

I visited France many years ago.
I got really bored with work, so I booked a couple of weeks holiday, strapped a tent into my bike, twisted the throttle, and headed to the south of France.
The frites stands are very good.

Aha and what about wine, cheese and bread ?

Hey, we can meetup

Hello my name is soufiane i'm from Rabat morcocco i'm working in France group of IT as System engieneer nice to meet you and you are welcome in morocco :)

Hiya, I have just seen your ads. I am from England and speak French. I have been to Nice.
How are you?

Bonjour Marseille.. Ca va?


English please as this is an Anglophone forum.


I am Novi from Indonesia, nice to know here :)

Hello Marseille

I am a chinese boy from china, name is bill, I'm 30, a litter bigger than you.

I working in a international company now, I like making foreigh friends, especialy french, french girl is romatic, lovely, and good talking, I think so.

I never been to french, it's my dream when I was a students, I like music too, but most of it is korea like AOA, Baby vox. etc.  I like driving cars, and having dinner with many friends.

It's my plesure making friends with you,

hi... nice to mee  you.

Hi Amwade, I'm Rodrigo, from Peru, and living in Marseille too. I'd like to meet nice people in Marseille


this is venkatesh,

i have interested to talk with you.
May i know your contact number please

Venkatesh G.

Hi Venkatesh, where are you from? Are you living in Marseille?

hi sweeet friend..i am in Marseille, would you like to meet in person ? if ok let me know and tell me how..and where are u nw ?

hi dear how are you my name Abii khan. live in france marseille and how about you?

[at]abii khan
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I’m Stuart, I’m English living in France struggling with the language hugely

Hi Frech girl

I always do research before travelling and I've ended up here.
Marseille is on my list of 4 destinations looking.
(Cheap travel, rent, food)

Possible you could make my journey cheaper?
I need cheap rent between  14th to 26th November
(Appartment or House stay)
Must have..
Private bathroom
Free WiFi

You're welcome to WhatsApp me reply

I hope this works 😂😁😂

Kind regards

Hello everyone,

[at] Zulfikar, the initial poster hasn't interacted on the website since 2015. Please drop an advert in the Housing in Marseille section of the website if you are looking for accommodation.

For short stay, airbnb might be the best solution for you.

All the best,


AdrianAdi198704 :


Nice chat up but in the wrong language and three years too late.

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