Is this a SCAM!!!!

I am a fellow Indian from the city of Jalandhar, Punjab. I am about to transact with a Mr. Royal Burg of the "Royal Genuine Loan Firm International" situated in Antwerp.

This guy says he resides in Antwerp and has phone numbers and contact details as mentioned below:-

#Frankrijklei 115 2nd floor,
P.O. Box 73545
City Antwerpe

Tel:- 324-88-22-1861

I am about to transact with him for a business worth 45000 USD. I am not sure whether he is genuine or whether such a company exists or not.

If you could please do a reference check of this guy for me as sitting in Antwerp this wont be a problem for you. I will be really greatful to you.

Please help this fellow Indian of yours. Thanking you in anticipation of your reply.

Best regards,

I'm not sure why you keep saying "fellow Indian," it's very odd and kind of off-putting. For one thing, this is not a site from India nor full of Indians. There are some here, yes, just as there are some people from all over the world, so please, stop trying to refer to us all as being "fellow Indians." Plus, what difference does it make what nationality you are?? That has nothing whatsoever to do with your post. There is no need to mention it at all. :/

Anyway. Clearly, you have the internet. You can do searches about this person just as well as anyone else can. Do you expect one of us here actually knows him? What are the odds of that?? Or do you think a stranger on the internet is going to go walk over there and see if there's an office in this location? I mean really. Use the internet, do a search, and see what comes up. But frankly I am astounded that you would supposedly even consider giving $45,000 to some person you know nothing about or even whether they exist at all. Who would do such a thing?! This whole post is incredibly strange and dubious.

If you got offended by me addressing every one as fellow Indians I am sorry for that. As far as your suggestion goes I have already searched on the internet enough for him and did not get a satisfying report. I am not the one paying USD 45000, he is the one. But that is just a one off transaction with many to follow. 

I though you guys live in Antwerp and might just have heard of this guy or might just know the address i mentioned in the post. Trying to get some information about him from local diaspora in Antwerp will be easy and safe was the whole idea behind the post. If you find the post strange just ignore it.

But i sincerely hope some one on the forum might help me with getting some info on the genuineness of the person and address in consideration. 


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