Best ways to find flat shares in Sofia?


I'm moving to Sofia on Saturday! & starting work on Monday!

I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to find reasonable prices flats in the centre, I can't afford flats marketed at foreigners! Looking for something under 350lv!

Does anyone know any good sites, or in that matter a good flatshare going!? I can't speak/write Bulgarian (yet!) so googling come up with so little options!

Thanks for your help!

Hello Lizzie-Simp,

Actually for 350 per month you can hire a small flat, normally one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a small balcony. Or a studio.

I can help if you like.

Hello there everyone,

@Lizzie- Simp,

Here are a couple of websites : – Housing in Sofia
Bulgarian Properties
Stay Sofia

Best of luck,

If you are looking to share a flat with someone, you may try the Facebook groups like ( The word for roommate in bulgarian is "съквартиранти", so you may look for this in the facebook groups and post a request there. You have a good chance of finding someone as it is used mostly by young people and this is your target, if you are looking for english speaking roommates ;)

Good luck!

Ahh thanks guys. This is so useful!

The Facebook page looks pretty promising! More my price range too! I'm so pleased Google Translate Exists!


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