Lost my job and need to break tenancy agreement

I'm an expat and have been in Singapore almost a year.
I moved into a condo with a 2 year lease (with 1 year diplomatic clause) in May 2015 and also started a new job last month. Unfortunately the new job isn't working out and it looks like I'll be fired. I'm desperately looking for something else, but realistically I don't think I'll find anything in time.

If I don't find anything, I'll be given 4 weeks to leave Singapore, so will have to break the tenancy contract. I've asked the agent to inform the landlord to find out what to do in this situation but haven't heard back yet and am getting worried.

I've read posts where tenants have been required to pay until the 14 month diplomatic clause - but if I'm unemployed and have to leave Singapore, how am I going to do this? (I'll have another 8 months before my diplomatic clause can be used and there's no way I can afford to pay this!)

Does anyone else have experience of this or advice on what I can do?

There is no legal way to end a rental contract before you can make use of the diplomatic clause.
Thus you need to either pay, (illegally) abscond or find an agreement with the landlord.
This is the risk you took when signing the contract - an you knew this!

I recommend talking to the landlord (directly, not through an agent who has no interest in solving your situation). E.g. you can offer help in finding a new tenant and pay the rent until they move in.
If you abscond, obviously your deposit is forfeited. But this can also lead to a lawsuit (which you would lose in absentia), which will haunt you if you ever come to Singapore again.
Paying up is of course the legally and morally most correct action, but financially painful.

Thanks for the feedback. I don't have the direct contact for the landlady so am still waiting to hear back from her agent.

If I lose my job I won't be legally allowed to stay in Singapore, does this affect the TA that you know? Isn't it illegal for landlords to rent to non-residents?
It's a difficult situation for foreigners that there is no option for short term contracts, such as 6 months.

Hopefully some solution can be found as I don't have the money to pay for the remaining 8 months.

That you have no visa to stay in Singapore any longer has no influence on the validity of the rental contract - you have to pay the rent even if you don't stay there (except if the reasons for this are caused by the landlord).
And there are of course short term options:
First and foremost, there are serviced apartments exactly for that purpose. And despite the fact that 1- and 2-year rental contracts are common, others are possible as well. It's up to your negotiation (and the minimum 6-month rental period for residential property stipulated by law, of course). I myself had 4- and 6-weeks-notice termination clauses on various occasions. You chose not to go for that, so now you have to bear the consequences.

It's always high risk to move a new house along with new job when u r holding EP.

Secondly it's always right to get landlord contact if not phone number then at least email ID which you have every rights to ask for.

Now you have done both wrong, and sad part is u lost ur job immediately after u moved to condo, then only way is try to force the agent talk to landlord if not responding then best part is visit his/her agency and complain this, cause you need to have every support in your favor in case landlord ask why you didn't inform him. Good luck mate.

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