New members of Singapore forum, introduce yourself here – 4th quarter of 2015

Newbie on Singapore forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Singapore if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi im new here. My name is hazel currently in canada as foreign worker. Planning to go to singapore on feb 2016. Thanks for welcoming me here.

Hi guys! I'm Kelli, just moved to Singapore a month ago, looking for friends, and employment networking . Cheers!

Hi I'm georgina, a podiatrist working in Singapore for the past 3 years, loving life and love meeting new people. Feel free to message me if I don't message you ☺️

Hello! I'm Ina, a Singaporean. Born and raised here in Singapore. I'm on this website to help a friend out. He's Algerian and is currently working in Canada. He wants to come to Singapore to work but I've no idea of how to help him. He has a degree in political science from university of Algiers. Hope someone can help me :)

Welcome to forum!
Unfortunately we cannot offer a job for him in Singapore but may be someone can guide :)
Your friend can post his resume in Singapore job sites or visit and search for job. If he has good experience and qualifications in that particular field, it's possible to get a job! To search jobs in this forum click on the JOBS tab.

Hello dear, my name is Annankrah Dan a Ghanaian to be precise. i want to be your friend so that you can tell me much about Singapore since you are staying there you might have alot of experience i will like you to share with me. hoping to hear from you.

LINXO wrote:

Hello dear, my name is Annankrah Dan a Ghanaian to be precise. i want to be your friend so that you can tell me much about Singapore since you are staying there you might have alot of experience i will like you to share with me. hoping to hear from you. here is my contact number

Please don't post your contact details in public forum  :)

I am member since few months, I am living in Singapore  and working as web front-end developer. I work with startups, and different websites.

I came from Pakistan, Multan city. I am 27 years old.

I have plan to move USA very soon for further professional skills development.


Welcome to Singapore forum :-)

Hi my name is Bosco
Am visiting for 5 days up to Tuesday.mind showing me around this city. Iam available *
I now stay at habour ville hotel on 512 kampong bahru road

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Hi I am Mohamed from Egypt. Just arrived today to Singapore. I will be working for Singapore National Eye Center as I am an Ophthalmologist.

Welcome to you all guys in SG. Hope you all have a wonderful time in SG.

If anyone visit Financial district n it's surrounded area Mon to Fri then I can company you during lunch break. Lau pa sat is the best place to taste diff types of food.. :)

Take care n enjoy you all.

Hi Everyone. Welcome to Singapore. Feel free to drop me a line or two of you want to find out more about Singapore. Would be more than glad to help you out. Would be glad to make some new friends too to learn more about other cultures.



I'm a newbie here. I'm planning to work in Singapore maybe by next year. I'm from the Philippines. I hope i can make new friends here especially Singaporeans. (^__^)

Hi! Im reggie and im flying to SG by the end of October. I will look for Quantity Surveyor Job. Im a civil engineer. Wish me a good luck. :D

Poor you, it's awful. We lasted 8 months. Soooooo boring.... 😴

Hi everyone, I'm Justin, arrived in Singapore 2 weeks ago.
I'm currently living here as an expat, I come from the Philippines. Looking forward to meeting you all.

I'm Xiu! I'm from Vietnam. I'm working for the International University now. I really wanna get another job in another country!
nice to meet all of you, guys! :P
cheers! ^^

hi am yayoun am  an acca student i wish to go on vacation at singapore i will go next week and am lookin for friends their

My name is Felix Aborode, I am a Nigerian, I lives and works in Akure the capital city of Ondo State. I  am a marketer by profession. I am a Cement sales representative in Burnham cement company in Nigeria. I will like to take my carrier beyond national level.

Hi Georgina, how is life over there in Singapore? I will appreciate if you will accept my friendship with you.

leon mendoza olivari, venezuela :) hi i live in Caracas Venezuela and I live in Singapore, as they have one of the best economy in the world I have 21 years and study in finance administarcion

Hi guys, I'm new here.
I'm Wayne Nguyen, an IT consultant working in Singapore. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends to enrich my social life here.

Hello hello...

Im a Singaporean and i would love to know more foreign friends who resides and work in Singapore. PM me... :)

Hear from you real soon.

Hihi...welcome to Singapore

HI everybody,

I am Virgil I'm working in Singapore end I'm looking to meet people.

feel free to answer,

Hi I'm Rayen!
I'm born in Singapore and I'm looking forward to help answer any questions if you have! :-)

Hello all,

I am Harsh from India. Moved to SG in July, and was living in Kuala Lumpur before that.

Would be glad to catch up with you.


hello im Stephen also from
Ghana. .im planing to move to
Singapore I wish u someone cud help me out with the needed information all about Singapore

Hi All,
          I'm Jithin Tom. i'm 22 and living in Singapore for past 6 years. Following is a brief intro about me.
Born and Bought up in India. Moved to Singapore for Higher studies. Currently Working as an Associate Engineer @ GlobalFoundries.Pte.Ltd , Doing My bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering And  I'm playing a role of a founder and director of my new company named as And finally in a planning to form a Software developing company.

Jithin Tom: Just a hint, while on EP (or any other work pass) it is not allowed to do any other job besides working for the emplyer who yor EP is issued for - not even for your own business! Doing so will get your EP cancelled and you banned from ever woking here again.
You should immediately stop this and hope nobody traces your real life identity from your posting above (which is easily possible).
Singapore is NOT a place to break any rules!

Hi I am a nurse male nurse
r u working in the hospital currently

Hi I am patient from philippines. 😅

I'm Milyn currently in Singapore as foreign worker,planning to go Canada.wish my luck to go there...

Hi!..I'm Mailyn Corre and presently working  here in  Singapore .I'm searching for a job in Germany and trying to move there if I finish contract. I'm from Las pinas city in the Philippines. I'm a college undergraduate in HRM and I can do all around. Like waitress, household,Nanny, taking care of old.
I wish I can find here or you can hired me..

Thank you

To get information about moving to Germany, better post in the Germany forum.

Once upon time there was a handsome boy, his name was Ahmèd and he was living in Cairo. Ahmèd studied law and business administration and started an international career in India, he had amazing luxury life in india full of fun with his beloved friends who he met there, suddenly after 2 years his company decided to reallocated him to Singapore although he likes singapore a lot, He is so lonely now and he is just singing "It can't be my end, a child without a friend".

Little Ahmèd is well known as Madio, he is 26 years old, single, speaks Arabic English and French and he is seeking nothing but a nice friend who lives nearby Melville park who would like to go out for dinner or shopping or chatting.

Little Madio aka Ahmed is a decent boy who is interested in piano and he loves to help others to grow. Right now he is waiting for your reply :)

The end.
Ahmèd (Madio)

Hi I am a staff nurse from Ghana. am 30yrs old and very hardworking, innovative and dedicated to duty. it is my wish and dream to work outside Ghana preferably Singapore and I hipe you can help me as to how I have to go with my moves by approaching my dreams. thank you

Hello Dear,

Thanks for your comment however I'm working in IT Industry, let's keep our fingers crossed and sure you will find a good opportunity soon. All the best.

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