New members of Belgium forum, introduce yourself here – 4th quarter of 2015

Newbie on Belgium forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Belgium if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I am Shreeji. I will be moving to Antwerp soon for my work along with my wife.

Will stay connected now :)


Hi! My name is Mirna and I am moving to Brussels in January. If there are any expat moms here please contact me via private message since I have got some questions regarding babies. :) I am coming with my baby girl. Thanks

Helloooo my newbie here in Belgium particularly in Zele and would like to meet new people from Belgium or other countries... It will be awesome  :)

Hello Expats in Belgium!

I am Kerry-Ann and recently moved to Leuven. Thus, I would like to meet people in and around Leuven. If you would like to meet new people in Belgium, get in touch! :D  :)

Dear all,

I was born and raised in Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia and one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. It's a beautiful city, but if you hate being stuck in traffic my advice is don't go to Jakarta.

But now I live and work in Bali, one of the magical place in the world that you have to visit. The mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of a paradise. It's more than a place; it's a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind.

I survived university, got my bachelor's in economics and hotel management.

Hope to talk to you guys in the future.


Heeeeey Shari.... My name is nart.... Nice to see you here and looking forward to meet you in Belgium....  ;)

I was in Bali, Indonesia last year. It was such a nice experience I had.
Nice to meet you.

Hello Everybody, I'm Eloy, from Venezuela, soon living in Brussels... I have a lot of doubts and question about so many things jajaja. I hope can make a good group of friends here...

Best regards.


I'm from Indonesia, i just moved to ghent, happy to know all of you guys!

Hello ;)
Just moved to Leuven after living in pretty Oxfordshire for 2 years.. As a Scot, I'm feeling quite at home already with the rain and grey!!!
This website has already been very useful. - Thanks.

Heeeeey my name is from Syria . Welcome to Belgium

Hello everyone!
I'm Tijana, looking for a babysitter job in Brussels. Fluent in English, Serbian, basic French and Spanish.
If anyone can help me, I'll be more than thankful!
Maybe moving to Brussels, but life is too unexpected to know :)

Hi i'm hany, living in brussels since last december. I would like to meet people here in brussels.

hi im charm from philippines really love to visit belgium but i dont know how to do it i dont know what is the requirements for tourist visa,..

Hi my name is Tina, and I have been living in belgium for 5 years in west flanders, and I love it!, my husband works over here and my son moved over here 2 years ago, and we have 3 dogs, mijn nederlands is een beetije but I get along. I love going to rommels from which I usually buy glass, but love to practice my dutch, I also bake which my family love, and can find most British products. I have a bike which goes everywhere with me, and my husband and I love the christmas market in Brussels. we have recently bought a lovely old house which we are slowly renovating and decorating ( I even have my own set of tools). anyway thats me!!!

Helloooo everyone.... My name is nart. Am living in Belgium particularly in Zele it's small town one hour from Brussels... I am new will be awesome to meet new people around my area or in Brussels

Greetings from Zele 😉

Hello everyone!
My name is Domenico. I'm Italian and I moved to Belgium at the end of August to start a new, excitating as well as challenging professional and life experience. I'm still dealing with the issues common to any expat...first of all getting a definitive accomodation (Bruxelles, Liegi, Leuven, Hasselt...)  :huh:
Currently I'm living in Liegi and I would be really happy to meet people here or wherever in Belgium just to share our life experience over a belgian beer!!  ;)
Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Nice to know you visited bali :)

I'm Tedrick, I'm currently living in the US but I plan on moving to Sint Niklaas when I'm done with school :3
I'm really excited, and I'm sure this forum will help out a bunch! :D

Hi Domenico,

Each weekend, I will back in Liège. So yes, we could manage something one of this day if you want.

Thank you.
I am in Venezuel but i hope to move to Belgium but i am afraid.

Helloooo Ysbe.... My name is nart am here in Belgium for two months..... Why you are afraid???

Helloooo everyone......
I have used to work as a flight attendant in Kuwait for five years and am from Syria.... Am here as a refugee taking money from the government till I get the papers..... I left my job for so many reasons of how they treat us as slave because we are Syrians... So my question is there by any chance in the near future to join any airline here in Belgium  if I speak Nederlands or I have to be a Belgian citizen for that

Best regards from Zele

Hi Barsik,

Welcome in Belgium, I hope you will find the peace and happyness you are looking for.

No, you do not need to be a belgian citizen to be a fligth attendant. To speak dutch or not... In fact, it will depend of the company who will hire you. The more Foreign Languages you speak, the better it will. Knowledge of Dutch/flemish will open you many gates in Belgium. But not necessarily at the international ...

Dear phipiemar

Thank you for replying.... So you are saying it's not a must to be a Belgian citizen to work as a flight attendant???  That's great.. And yeah of course am working on learning flemish these days even I will start my school next month since I will settle down here.... I hope I will get the chance to work with them in the near future since I have experience cuz I really love my profession  :)

Hi everybody,

Just to inform you that this topic has been created for the introduction of the new members only and i am afraid that we are going a bit off topic here. ;)

If you have some questions, i invite you to create a new thread and to post them.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Helloooo Priscilla.... My name is nart.... Nice to meet you and see here.... never mind I won't get outside the topic starting from me  ;)

Best regards

Former airline pilot, Scibe Airlift Zaïre, born in Kinshasa, know 3 continents very well, love Africa, back in Belgium, want to relock to Africa

Hi Shreeji

My name is Veerle. I am Belgian, my husband is Belarusian. We have bought an apartment in Antwerp a couple of years ago and will not be needing it anymore, as we are moving abroad.

I am looking for a couple that will be taking care of our apartment, preferably on the long run (not less than 12 months). We have spent lots of energy and money to make it a nice home and I am afraid to have uncareful tenants, who might ruin the wooden flooring etc.

Our duplex with terrace is fully furnished and equipped and has one bedroom. It is possible to create another bedroom downstairs. It is located outside the noisy center, there is a park in our street and it is only 4 km from the city center, with very good public transport connections (bus station across the street) and free parking.

Would you be interested? If so, I would like to get to know you better online and will be happy to send you some pics.

Kind regards

Hello there,

I'm Portuguese, just moved to Brussels about a month ago. Don't know a lot of people, kind of getting a feeling of the town, making my way around. I'm here with my girlfriend, she's making an internship at the EU, while I work as a freelance screenwriter for a company back home.

Looking to meet new people, get to know the city, and do some work in private language classes, Portuguese or English.

Anyway, if anyone's interested, either in getting to know me or getting some classes, let me know.


Helloooo filameiro

My name is nart... Am new here also in Belgium for two months but just moved to Zele which is in the flemish part about about one hour from Brussels.... We can catch up if you are interested... Pick the time and place and am ready  ;)

hey everyone im coming to antwerp for work. i m looking for a appartment to share, or which i can hire alone
basic requirements: furniture, wifi, kitchen bedroom. smoke free :)

Hi. My name is kevin nnabuike from nigeria. I want relocate to Brussel with my family next year. I'm a businessman and my wife is a medical doctor working in nigeria. Any useful advice on how to relocate will be highly appreciated. Email, ++++

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Good lovely morning everyone

Greetings from Zele


Helloooo... My name is nart I have been in Belgium for three months... So far so good... Answering to your question the best place is Brussels since it is the capital of Belgium and centre of job apportunties


The best online job as I know so far is step stone job agent


Lets clarify some points :
- This topic is only for presentation...
- If you have a question about something, create a dedicated topic.

If look for job, go on or

Good to hear a new Scot in Belgium.
I've been here a few years and it's been a great experience, a lot different from Ayr on the west coast!



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