44K Gross salary per year .Is it a decent salary to live in Vienna?

Hi everyone.I'm a software developer having 10 years of experience.
I have a query.I recently got a job offer in Vienna(44K Gross salary  per year excluding 13th and 14th month). Could you please let me know whether it's enough for a decent living for 2 person (1 bedroom apartment inside/outside of city centre, ready-made food , transportation and weekend outing )?
Is it possible to save some amount out of this?Is it a decent salary considering my work experience?

Thanks in advance..


Thanks for your response.Could you please provide me some details regarding the net pay(after all kind of taxes) and cost of living ?How much I can save (a range will work to get an idea).

Use this website to see how much you'll have net at the end of the month.

For living costs you can use Numbeo.

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