Sg PR working part time (dont have full time job)

Hi, recently I have lost my full time job. But I found a part time job as freelancer. Can a sg PR holds part time job only? I have send my enquiry to ICA with regards to this (cpf, tax n etc) but has yet to get any reply. Does anyone has any idea abt it?

Thank you

Yes, as a PR you have the same rights with regards to work as the locals.
Thus you can work part time, freelance, run your own business or also not work at all, up to you.
Just note that, if you got your PR through work (and not family ties), your REP might not be renewed if you didn't work at least 3 of the 5 years validity of the previous REP (I don't know if ICA counts part-time or freelance work as work in this respect).

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