Any advice on using titres-services / getting reliable home help

We've moved back to Belgium after 4 years away.  A lot has changed, and we didn't get to grips with a lot the first time around!  Any advice on using titres-services / getting reliable home help in the Tervuren area would be very welcome.

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I created a new thread from your post on the Belgium forum so that you may get some useful feedbacks.

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Hi mattparkinson,

First of all, you must be in order with the belgium social security to be allow to use that system.

I do not know exactly which agency to propose but I always use those who are working with

But in any case, you will have to try a lot of candidates before finding the rigth one...

Depends on your language skills of course, but people say that if you want a good chance of the cleaning/ironing help speaking some English, it is probably better to go in an Interim Agency specialising in Diensten Cheques in the Flemish areas outside Brussels (although probably not Tervuren or one of the faciliteitengemeenten). There's certainly some that include English in their publicity. It's something we're considering, but we do not want someone inside our house with whom we cannot communicate. Saying that, we may have used someone's help many years ago from Brussels but originating from the Balkans, and her English was plenty good enough.

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