Taxis around Flic en Flac: average cost


Does anyone know the average  taxi price per KM around this area? We paid 300Rs from the Flic en Flac beach to Cascavelle Shopping Mall (4,5 km). Its that ok?

Thanks again!

Wow thats expensive, could've just hopped on the bus for 10Rs..  Sorry i dont know the prices per KM.

I feel it's a bit on the high side. Rs 100-150 would have been reasonable.

If a taxi charges

RS1500 for 50km (airport)

That's about RS30 / km

I'm taking an example  of how Taxis in the world on meters charge. 

There are no meters in Mauritius.   So use google maps and do your maths and don't accept the first price they give you.

You should always be ready to expect a higher price.

The cost price is always at a rise to those travelling from airport to other places...

I would say that the price covers the return trip as well. However, just dropping would have been less that Rs 200.00.

Have a safe and sound travel around the paradise Island. !!


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Its quite much i think... flic en flac to cascavelle is not too far... so why so much charges...

Talking about taxi fares. Can some-one tell me what the fare is from the airport to Pereybere.
Thanks in advance

Hi, I would say between Rs1500/- and 2000/-, for the trip includes to and fro.

Thanks Girish

I know better fares. even less than Rs1500.

You can message me if you are interested.

You cannot calculate it like that, airport transfers are obviously more expensive. There's an additional fee just for entering and exiting the airport. It works like this all over the world.

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