Suggestions for temporary housing

Hi :)
I need suggestions for affordable temporary accommodations, only for 2-3 months. I searched the forum and found 2 facilities that people recommended (One Pavilion and Fontana Tower)

Does anyone know of other places that will allow short term rental? I just need a 1 bedroom or an efficiency

Thank you in advance for any help!!! 😊

Check local papers or classifieds. Also supermarket notice boards

Depends on your budget. Elite Grand, Fraser Suites, Seef Residence etc all do temporary accommodation. I also know a landlord who rents by the month in Seef so I could ask him for you.

I contacted Fraser Suites and they said the lowest price they have for a one bedroom for 28 days is 1260 BHD.  :(
I think my budget is around 220 BHD.
I just sent a message to Seef Residence and One Pavilion :)
Thanks again!

Ok let me know how you get on and I will speak to the landlord I know if necessary. Fraser Suites is stupidly expensive, try the others too

Any suggestions? Everywhere I contact its been pretty steep prices, 700BHD -1500BHD monthly.... Just need a studio or 1 bedroom furnished for 3 months at the beginning of 2016... Thanks for any help :)

If you don't mind sharing with other people you could start searching for shared accommodation to rent that are within someone's villa or apartment, that way you would avoid being in a lengthy contract.

For example I am currently in the process of moving into a 4 bedroom accommodation with 2 other people in the hope to rent the other room out ourselves and cut our own costs.

i will need my own place, but thank you for the suggestion :)

I am afraid if your looking for prime areas like Juffair/ Seef / Saar etc. the prices will be quiet high, you may want to consider some other areas.


i am looking to vacate a 2 bed flat in janabiya/saar near to saar cineplex this month . its furnished. and very affordable 2bhk. if u r interested i can send u pics.

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