Homebirth in Nairobi

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I'm looking at what midwifery support you can get for pregnancy. Coming from the UK I don't see the need to see an obstetrician/gynecologist unless there are problems (I am a midwife myself), so would prefer midwife led care and a home birth with a qualified midwife. Obviously I know risks and benefits, but I would want an experienced competent midwife who is good at listening to what I want.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

Giving birth at home isn't unusual in Kenya, particularly for those who are poorer.

Otherwise, for things like childbirth (as well as illness) thinking is still very hospital and clinic biased (and doctors tend not to be questioned), so I am not at all sure whether you will find the community based services that you want, unless you can find and engage a midwife privately. 

The private hospitals tend to offer priced 'packages' for childbirth.  To be admitted to a private hospital, you often need to have been referred by a doctor/consultant.

Have you got health insurance?

Health services in Kenya are not like the UK and tend to be all about money unfortunately and you can almost feel the doctor mentally choosing the colour and upholstery options for his/her new Merc, during consultations with you.

Thanks, yes, I know that many are at the mercy of the pockets of their Drs, hence I want to avoid it.

I am insured, but whether they'd be ok with just midwifery led care, and a home birth, we'll see. Should be better for them as it's cheaper in theory.

I'm tempted to get a friend to come over to be my midwife, but that'd just be for the birth, I'd need midwifery care during the pregnancy, and someone to come along who knows the system for registering the birth etc.

Anyone with any thoughts on private midwives would be very much appreciated!

Thanks all

I attended a natural birth seminar at Eve's Mama in Killamani.  Google them.  Around 60k to go to their birthing centre or they come to your home.  The women are very qualified and experienced.  There is a 500 bob check up and session on with them tomorrow at their centre and each month "Tea with the Midwife"

Hi there,

Kindly try doula esther on  *** though i am not sure if she does home birth.

On a separate note, do you do home births yourself? I am interested for my wife who is due in January.

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I was going to suggest eve's mama as well. They have a birthing centre and will do home births as well (they can even bring the birthing pool).

@emblyd How did your experience go? Any suggestions?

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