re-register a Uk car to Bulgarian

If somebody could give me some advise in re-registering mu Uk RHD car in Bulgaria.

We have a Bulgarian company, own an house and stay there probably 6 Months a year.

We are not residents and don't intend to become residents.  Could we re-register our car through our company.
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Hi, I registered my car in Bulgaria but don't have a business here. I went to the (Pleven in my case) police station and filled out the residency form, took proof letter from the bank showing a ballance over 2000bgn (might be slightly more depending on where you are) and also UK medical EHIC card showing at least 1 year cover left, then they processed me and took my photo. 3 hours later I returned to collect the photo ID. From there I went to the KAT office, filled in the forms there, was sent to a pay office about 1/2 mile away, and then returned to the rear of the building to have the plates fitted. From there I had to have the car MOT'd and then insured. You will end up with a lot of stickers on your screen, but that is just about it! If you don't speak Bulgarian, take someone with you who can. It is a strange system and can be very confusing, but with an interpretor, you will be fine. They didn't ask me if I had a business, or any other personal questions. Hope this helps...

Thank you for your reply.  I just didn't want to become a Bulgarian citizen.

This registration is classed as long term residency not citizenship, if that helps!

Big help, thanks a lot.

You can register it without becoming a resident and going through all the hassle it involves. My brother-in-law registered his through his company using his Bulstat card but be aware that it then becomes the property of the company and is counted as an asset. If the company fails it will be seized as an asset and used to offset debts. If like me you are non trading then it shouldn't be a problem.

How about registering a UK vehicle when one is a private individual with no limited company ? We are UK (thus EU) citizens and intend to come to BG to stay in the long run but may not be applying for long term residency immediately.....what happens re vehicle in the meantime ? Is ther a period of grace ?

...and to go off topic , is residency application as straight forward as that ? As mentioned in StaloneUKs post ?

thanks for your forebearance
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Hi, in order to register and change your car to Bulgarian, it is as I said in my first reply. The long term residency (depending on the time left on your EHIC card) is simply that. For full residency, you would need to adopt the Bulgarian system and pay into it in order that you are eligible for all services etc: I suggest that you find a good registered translator in your area, and also seek advice from a solicitor who will provide the precise details that you need. It is a changing system and can be complicated and daunting, but with the correct advice and with full understanding, those two agencies will help you to achieve your goal. If you still can't find what you are looking for, contact me and I will inquire for you....

Stalone ,many thanks for the speedy reply . Still leaves a few questions.....cost ? Timescale in which this must be done ? Import duties ?    Ohhh ,so may questions !  :huh:

Rather than trespass on your goodwill further , can you link us to anywhere that can give us a cogent expanation of the much info online is out of date ,contradictory or just plain BS ! Then may I contact you with some more targetted ,less vague queries regarding your experience ? :thanks:

all the best my freind

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Sorry but I'm not sure whether there is an up to date site that will give you all this information but we went through all of this last year and officially if you are in this country for more than 90 days you should apply for for a residents permit. (You also have to be aware that  most UK insurance only covers you for overseas visits for that same 90 days, Please check yours out.) This does not change your nationality and you still need your UK passport if you want to travel. We came over last June and registered our car in September. We got permits so were able to register in our own name. The import cost on a 2001 Renault Megane Scenic 1.6 was 286 lev plus various other smaller amounts of taxes. This was done at Gabrovo Kat all in one day where we couldn't pre-arrange an appointment and where they tested the car at the same time as the paperwork was done. Our permit was obtained at Gabrovo Police Station and there can be up to a 21 day wait for this although ours was through in less than 14 days. Whatever you do the previous poster is correct in that you need a translator or a friend who speaks Bulgarian to get you through this. You CANNOT manage the process on your own as English isn't usually widely spoken in the KAT stations. Also please be aware and accept that there will be a cost for this help and if you want the car registered here then that's the way it is. Sorry. I hope someone else can find you a site that will help but I think you'll be struggling. Good luck.

Hi, for me it was quite easy to go through the process. I found the office of a interpreter, went to the police station, and asked for application forms, asked the bank for proof that I had more than 2000 BGN and they printed and stamped a letter of proof, took that to the interpreter who then filled the application out in Bulgarian and who made a photocopy of my EHIC card, and took this all back to the police station. They then took my picture and I was asked to come back in 4 hours, and was handed the long term residency photo card that is similar to a UK driving licence. I paid about 25 BGN for this. I then drove to the vehicle registration offices and took the interpreter with me, and she asked them for the application forms and we filled them out, they then processed the paperwork. They handed me a payment slip and I had to take that to a nearby Easy Pay shop and I paid there. I can't just remember the price, but I think I paid around 350 BGN altogether. (My car is a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee) I took the payment receipt back to them and they sent me round to the back of the offices and then changed my number plates, put the stickers on the windscreen, and that was that! I then went and insured my car fully comp for around 410 BGN I put those stickers on the windscreen and then went to the MOT center and paid abour 7 BGN for that, and they put a sticker on my windscreen and that was it done! That's a lot of stickers lol. Not forgetting the Vignette road tax sticker. I took the interpreter back to her office, paid 30 BGN and later returned there to give her a box of chocolates for her kindness. Done and dusted, and not expensive at all! I will try to answer any questions...

Hi Staloneuk,

   Just read your post, loads of good detail in there, thank you.


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