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Hi All,

I recently got a job offer in Singapore and my employer is about to apply for a S Pass for me. I am a bit concerned about my situation and the visa approval odd - I am in digital media industry, with 1 year and 3 months work experience at a global advertising agency in New York, USA. I went to school in the U.S. as well, graduated from a recognized university with a bachelor's degree.

In general how many years of work experience are required for a S Pass? is it gonna be difficult to get approved with only 1+ year relevant experience?is there any requirement in the industry you work for? does it matter if my position is very niche and not in the core industry for the economy?

The new position I am offered is also a Digital Media Planner that requires 1 - 2 years of relevant work experience. My work background and educational level fit the new job perfectly, but my only two concerns are the position level and the industry.


You will only get a work pass if you fit a demand that cannot be filled by the local workforce. Since I don't know the digital media industry (which isn't big in Singapore), I cannot comment on this.
But please note that an S-Pass rarely gives you sufficient salary to afford a good lifestyle by Western standards - Singapore is one of the most expensive places on earth and you'd need well above S$4000/month for this.

hi! good day to you beppi. my S Pass was rejected by MOM. And the employer told me that I over qualified due to my working experience (9 years).The company can't offer me high salary with E Pass and the company have quota to hire foreigners. May I know do I have any chances and what should I do? thank you.


Well, obviously you don't have chances at this company and too low salary.
But this does not tell anything about your chances at other employers and more reasonably paid jobs.
Good luck!

thank you so much for your kind advise . Actually, after the interview session I really like the company culture and environment. May I know it is possible the company issue me the work permit then get S Pass and in the near future apply PR?

Thank you.

from Rain

Work Permit (WP), S-Pass and Employment Pass (EP) are for different target groups of employees:
- WP for lower educated manual labourers from third world countries
- S-Pass for medium skilled people with technical certificates
- EP for university degree holders
Thus you cannot usually move from one to the other unless your skills and education changes.

Thank you so much beppi.  you really know well MOM policy and procedures.  :cheers:


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