Visit Visa From Philippines to Bahrain

I just got the visit visa from our company for my mother. i went to the Philippine Embassy to secure the affidavit of support and update my oec.

Now, i would like to ask if a scanned copy of the visit visa and affidavit of support will be accepted in the Philippine immigration. This is the first time that my mother will travel and she will be travelling alone, Hence very nervous.

If you have any tips to pass the immigration smoothly please oblige.

Thank you so much

Hi Ivy,

Yes. scanned copy can do.

Philippines immigration is kinda strict especially with the information like:

1. Reason for visiting
2. Valid id of you and your mom
3. They will also ask how long she will be staying in bahrain.
4. They will look for a 2-way ticket. (your mom should know the date stated in the returned ticket)
5. and, send your scanned RP to your mom (if in case they're require)

For some reason, they will ask a lot of question with regards to your information,so let you mom knows where you living here in bahrain and your job position. Above all, tell your mom to stay calm.


Thank you so much Ms Lhulu, our embassy people unfortunately doesn't have the same answer to that question :( some are saying scanned some are saying original.

I will then send to my mom the scanned copy and i will just ask her to print it very very well.

I will tell her to be confident in answering the immigration officers and hope for the best.


Hi ivy,

I ask a friend who came here as visit visa, and so your mother have to present the ORIGINAL affidavit of support to the immigration. You can send it through DHL and within 3days she will receive it. For the rest of the documents its fine to print via scanned copy.

My visa already cancelled..if I go back to Philippines and apply for visit after two months is there any possibility that I can come back in bahrain?

Sure, you can.


What to do? I am in the Philippines wanted to go Bahrain through visit visa. No one to ask. If you can recommend a travel agency with quotation is highly appreciated. Thanks

You can check on


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