I have received online add of job in caneda

Hi I have received online add of job in caneda and the took my resume.

And send me interviews questions.

I filled with answers and replied.

After that I received job offer letter.

I singed and reply as accepted the offer.

But they didn't send me visa form.

Is it genuine employer or anything fruad they are doing.

Please clear the my doubts.

If anybody sending job offer interview application filled up.

If they say in particular immigration agent we need to get visa means this will be cheating or genuine employer.

Please clear the doubts.

If you didn't apply but someone send job offer or immigration offer , it's clear, they just to want to get your money. Many immigration law firms also send these emails to get customers. Also you will get job offer from London etc, to cheat your money.

Since this is on the Singapore forum, I assume you are talking about a job in and visa for Singapore (in a company called Caneda) and not in Canada (which cold be mis-spelt as Caneda).
After you get a job offer and signed the employment contract, the employer (or their appointed agent) applies for your work visa. You do not need to fill the application form.
They also must pay the application fee (which is S$70 for EP, if I remember correctly) and cannot charge you for this or any other fee.

One of my my known person working in Singapore

He is telling in his reference job is there.

He took my education and experience certificate and passport.

And told me that company HR agreed and suggested to apply for e pass.

I didn't received job offer letter.

He is telling company HR will take care and job is guarantee.

And he is telling you need to pay e pass application fee is 28000.

Please clarify my doubts is it a genuine cases or he is doing any fraudulent.

I am waiting for you quick response.

It's a job scam buddy .

Don't fall for such scams .
There are many job portals ,job fairs where companies invites applications directly from candidates .

Go through the right channels.


Your English made me confused.  :)
Legally you don't need to pay for visa. It's possible some small companies take money from candidates to apply for visa. It's a regular practice in Gulf countries but Singapore... may be.

S Pass
Application fee: S$60
Collection pass: S$80

Application fee: S$70
Collection pass : S$150
All fees should pay by the employer.

An EP can only be applied for after you signed an employment contract with the company.
You don't need to pay any fee for the visa, since your employer must pay it (by law). Charma has mentioned rhe fees above (thanks!) - they are not high.
Your passport is not needed for the application, and there is no reason why the employer or any agent needs to keep your passport.
This is a scam and you should contact the police immediately. Don't pay!!!

He shown me his work permit of Singapore.

Telling he doesn't have license that's way he is changing less.

And he is giving his friends mobile no in Singapore for confirm.

If he is cheater will he do all the things.

I am in totally confused please clear my doubts

I will try to clear your mind:

(Honest agents do not require any of these.)

By saying he doesn't have a license he already confirmed that he is acting illegally. (All employment agents in Singapore must be licensed and registered.)
By saying he is "charging less" he confirmed that he will charge you, which is also illegal. (Employment agents in Singapore can only charge the employer, by law.)

ok thanks
for your valid suggestion.

Hi can you give me the job portal, honest job agent and job website in Singapore.

And please tell me after apply in job portal will they conduct interviews, if yes which are the way they are taking interview.

After interview if I selected then they will send job agreement right.

After that employer will apply for visa and send to me right.

Please correct me if any gap is there.

You understood the order of events correctly.
Employment agents in Singapore are not very useful (in my experience). Searching job ads on portals (you can find them with Google or read similar discussions on this forum) is slightly better. But the best source of leads is personal connections in your industry. If you don't have any, you may consider visiting Singapore for a job search trip (not just a month, as building a network takes time), during which you attend as many trade fairs, seminars and other professional events in your field as possible, make sure to distribute your contact details (important: with Singapore adress and phone number!) and let everybody know what you can and want to do.
(The Singapore labour market is most dynamic after Chinese New Year, so you may want to wait until then.)
However, all of this does of course not guarantee success - so be prepared to return empty-handed if nothing works out, and always have a Plan B.
Good luck!

Oh, you also asked about the interview style:
There is no standard, and depending on the company and individual interviewer it can range from a casual talk to a stressfull, multi-hour assessment centre. Companies in Singapore are as diverse as the population ...

Hi any one of can suggest me how get the job in Singapore.

Which is the best way.

The best way to find a job in Singapore is described in my posts above and in many other threads about this topic on the forum.
Did you read them? If not, you should!

The ideal way to get a job in SG is post your resume on job portals like


Here are some reputed IT consultants in SG:

Nityo Infotech
Robert Walters
Optimum Solutions

Hope this answers your questions.


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