A temporary registered office address for a company in Malta?

Hello, I want to register a ltd. company in Malta and am looking for a temporary 'registered office address'  to receive official mail (for about three months) - can anyone recommend any of the various office service companies or suggest an alternative?


This company offer temp office addresses.

http://www.regus.com.mt/zsys/ncms/en-mt … oCUXzw_wcB


Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately a post box won't satisfy the compliance requirement... The registery office wants a physical address that can be considered an office.

Thanks Terry, I will take a look.

If you are going to use an accountant here in Malta it might be worth checking to see whether you can use their office as the 'Registered Office', it's quite common in the UK.


Yes, good point thank you. In fact this is just to tide me over while I get through the initial registration process. Accountants etc. to be arranged after this.

I have now found a solution to my query - the company  registrar that  I am using offers a registered address as an option - it is for a year though and I was looking for a shorter term solution. Still it is reasonable value and simplifies the process so that's the likely route I will take.

Thanks to evetyone for your suggestions.

If anyone is interested in a similar solution - here's a link:  http://www.maltabusinessregistration.com
Untried by me as yet so d.y.o.r.   - If I remember to, I will report back after the fact.

Hey, somebody could recommend cheap and good company which can rent the registered address for a company? The one we currently have charges way too much for just scanning our 4 letters during last year. We are still very small and need to save.

Hey, Fenzo, you found a solution? We are also looking for a cheap company address, we prefer to pay by quarter...We currently have one , but the accountant charges us too much for just scanning letters. Thanks for any recommendation.

Still checking things - but try my previous link for "EURO Malta Company Formation Package (company incorporation + corporate bank account with local bank + VAT & Income Tax Registration + Company Secretary and Registered office for first year )"

Hello Fenzo
How has it worked out for yoy, are you happy with this package?

I contacted the mentioned company. The offer I got isn't even close to the advertised EUR 950 and doesn't include half of the services advertised. So for me that's a clear no go.

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