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I am English and my wife and 11y/o step-son are from Argentina, we currently are living near Malaga and are considering a move to Barcelona next year. My main concern about moving to Barcelona as opposed to somewhere near Madrid is the language.  I speak Spanish, as of course does my family, but none of us speak catalan. Is it genuinely an issue living and integrating in society in Barcelona speaking only castilian spanish?

Of particular concern would be schools.  My step son moved to Spain 3 years ago and has adjusted well to a new country and the differences between argentinian spanish and castilian spanish spoken in spain, however, I think it would be hard for him if we now had to put him into a catalan speaking school after so many changes already.... but I also wouldn't want it to be hard for him to integrate either.  An international/english school would also not be suitable as his english is very limited.

Some advice from people living in or around Barcelona who know about this first hand would be appreciated.


All the people in Barcelona speak castillan spanish ...for the day to day life you don't need catalan

But for the school I think it is at least a part in Catalan, I have visited one when I was younger most of the kids were speaking Catalan. One of my colleague living in France who grew up in Barcelona was speaking Catalan in school.

Your step son is young ! He will learn really quickly, kids at his age are amazing at speaking a new language, and Catalan is close from spanish ! It will be really good for him to know another language and I am sure he will teach you some Catalan !  :)

I would recommend you not to move to Barcelona now, given the situation, which I belive will be sorted out, but you never know, unless the reason can't be avoided.

About education for the kid, in Barcelona they speak both (catalan and Spanish), but you gotta be aware about the thorough brainwash they apply to kids in Catalonia. Due to regional policies for which regions like catalonia or basque country have their own police and full control of education, what kids are taught at school is that in Spain Franco is still alive and although they have best economic conditions within Spain, they are oppressed (that's why nationalists are so many now and they just hate Spain as Nazis hated jews).

Well, the above doesn't apply to you at all, but for the kid he will have to learn catalan (given his age no problem), he will also will learn Spanish, obviously, but his level won't be as any other kid from Spain I'm afraid. Your kid will be brainwashed with supremacist ideasand you guys will have to learn catalan sooner or later for everyday life. Nothing you cannot circumvent, so to speak, but just be aware.

I've been living in Belgium and Holland for many years, and just wanted to leave, I had a job chance in Barcelona, a good one, really, I was lucky, 3k salary which in Spain is a lot, great position, and to be honest, I won lottery on that... and I refused it. Reason: at least 50 % of Catalans hate people from my city (Madrid), in spite of the fact that I wouldn't fear for my life, I foresee may details that would made my life a bit uncomfortable there, not for me I'm afraid...  That is not your case (British / Argentinian), but be aware of some details... If you live therefor 15 years, 90 % of chance that your kid will be a revolutionary supremacist :-)

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