What do you like the most in Belize?


Living abroad, expats discover and enjoy a new environment.

What do you like the most in Belize?

What seduced you when settling and living here?

Share with us your favorite part of living in Belize and the reason why you enjoy your expat life here.

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Without a doubt, we were attracted to the freedom and lack of government intrusion here.  Unfortunately, U.S. influence can be found pushing its ugly nose into every nook and cranny of Belize's laid back, uncontrolled life style.
If the Belizean population is not careful about electing honest leaders with the ca-hones to keep the country's sovereignty, it won't be long before this is just another military base and launching pad for the out of control empire we used to call the "land of the free".

There are multiple reasons we chose Belize, probably too many to list, but I would have to agree that the lack of US Federal Government involvement in our everyday life was a big factor in our decision. 
Other considerations were the people, the weather, the beauty of the country itself, access to the Caribbean, the proximity to our children in the states, the lack of taxation, English being the official language, the opportunity to pursue unique business opportunities, and the overall laid-back lifestyle. There are other factors related to the continued degeneration of the US that influenced our decision, but not important here.

   Working in the oilsands in northern Alberta for too many years..... Winters around 50 below for 4 months .....
Time to warm up.   I am a NCSO  and  committed to a safe life style ,, but time to warm up !!!!!!!!

A religious cult has taken control of key positions in the Fed gov't resulting in the current state of "Big Brother" government which our founding fathers tried to prevent in the separation of "Church" and state.  Ever since "Bush the lesser" and the "Born again" cultist state came into being there has been a steady progression to the Orwellian state we now live with.  2.2 million people in prisons, more than all the other countries in the world combined...including the repressive régime states of communist China, north Korea, and the neo-communist Russia.  This is a disgusting situation which reminds this historian of the rise of the Fascist states of German, Italy, and Japan in the 1930s.  Patriots that reveal the sordid actions of the "Big Brother State" are forced to flee for their life to the safety of the Russian state.  Congress is morbidly, stupidly locked in internecine warfare, while the sheepish public continues to reelect these thieves and self-serving idiots.  It's a good time to "Get out of Dodge".

easy, go see the Mayan ruins, go horse back riding, go visits the caves, canoe down the river. or just take a nice drive. and make sure you eat. Belizean like myself we all cook nice food. just make sure to ask if it is too spicy for you. just enjoy.

I agree with Luis. The food is great. I love Marie Sharps and will put it on just about everything. :) The ruins are great, ATM cave is something not to be missed. I enjoy the diversity of wildlife, especially all the birds. I love seeing the clouds hang low over the mountains in the cayo. But I love the ocean waves too and it's nice that you can easily access so much diversity. I also really like the people. They are some of the friendliest people you can meet.

That is so sweet, we love and welcome everyone no matter the color or where your from, if your rich or middle class, or just like us. We don’t care. Please come and enjoy what is here to offer.

These are my reasons as well!

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