What do you like the most in Austria?


Living abroad, expats discover and enjoy a new environment.

What do you like the most in Austria?

What seduced you when settling and living here?

Share with us your favorite part of living in Austria and the reason why you enjoy your expat life here.

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I like that people are pre-cautious whilest travelling on public transport.
I like also that public transport has high standards.
I like to work with people here, since they communicate well.

Also of course Vienna is a culture city, there is always something happening!!!


Having family and connections here, I am at an advantage living in the mountains.
Clean crisp air and proper seasons too
Stunning scenery every morning that changes with the weather conditions
Excellent public transport systems on different levels in all major cities, and good regular train and bus services to most towns and villages throughout. This is where England fails because they decided to build their cities round the motor car and got rid of the old fashioned trams, whereas all of Central Europe prioritized trams and underground-now England are slowly re-introducing trams back.
Trains interiors are larger and more roomy, even still have compartments, and are a hell of a lot quieter than those in England
Sundays ARE Sundays outside Wien, and the environment is quiet and catches it's breath as early as 12:00pm Saturday
Food, and the high quality thereof
All Alpine streams are drinking water quality, and mains water is mostly mineral quality
Proper coffee
Old fashioned coffee houses in Wien still generating the ambience that some of the greatest thinkers in the 20th century encountered
Differing architectures to the different regions and towns
You are always greeted in smaller towns and villages when you meet people on the street
and so much more

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