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Any one knows the person/agent in Pakistan who can get me Singapore Visa,Please share me his/her details

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I assume you want to work in Singapore?
In this case: Only the company employing you can apply for your Singapore work visa (after you sign the employment contract). No agent can apply or get you a visa. Of course there are many agents claiming they can, but they are all cheats and scammers!
Therefore, if you want to work in Singapore, go ahead and apply for jobs at appropriate employers in your industry. Good luck!


I've applied  online to various jobs in Singapore but they prefer local residents.
Please tell me the other way to be there and personally meet with the recruiters/employers.

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Of course, all employers worldwide prefer local applicants, if only because of the lower risk and less administration work. You need to have something that locals don't have to land a job!
As I have posted several times on this forum (did you read existing posts about job search?), you can multiply your chances of finding a job in Singapore by being there, building a network of connections and meeting people in person. So, if you can, arrange for an extended visit (a month is not enough!), get a local address and phone number, visit all trade fairs, seminars and other professional events in your industry, contact as many potential employers as possible and let everyone you meet know what you can and want to do - but focus on your skills and experiences that are not common among the local workforce.

How can i get visit visa for Singapore in Pakistan?

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How can i get visit visa for Singapore in Pakistan?

Apply for it at the Singapore embassy nearest to you!

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