Living near central market


I am employed as an English teacher near central market. Where are some good places to look around for apartments in that area. Thanks!

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IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW! My services are paid by the tenant who rents an apartment. That is service for you at apartment search absolutely FREE!

4 steps to rental housing or as easy to find an apartment for the week:
1. Tell me the main criteria for the property that you are looking for:
- number of rooms;
optimal rental price per month;
- distance from the center or the name of the district (if you are targeting). So I send You with links to apartments that fit Your criteria;
- and other fundamentally important criteria (e.g., Pets).

2. The next day, at a time convenient for You, tuk-tuk takes You from the hotel and we're going to see real estate. Property inspections can take from 1 to 3 days, as we, for example, after inspecting the parts, changed the area where I planned to live on the area in which in the end live now, because the area is clean and cozy. Tuk-tuk is free for you.

3. If you have made your choice of the apartment, we come into the office, it is located in the center, and You Deposit that is equal to the cost of rent per month. Deposit is refundable on the expiry of the contract if you return the apartment in the same condition in which received.

4. On the day of settlement, we come to You in your future home and sign a bilateral contract (owner and you), which is issued on the letterhead of the Agency and approved by third parties (the Agency). After the handover of the keys, we make an inventory of the property and described the defects, in case of detection. The act of transferring property signed by the owner and you.
The contract is concluded and You know that on all issues in the Kingdom of Cambodia, you can always contact me!

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My name is John I am looking for an apartment or share flat/house in Phnom Penh, ill be there beginning december.
Could you please help me to find a place ?

I would need an internet connexion, a place with a terrass and quiet would be a must.

Thanks by advance, here my direct mail :


Hi everyone,

If you are looking for an accommodation, i invite you to view this page to have some real state contacts > … al-estate/ . You can also post an advert in the housing in Phnom Penh section.

[at]Oxana Lyndina > please note that free advertising is not allowed on the forum. You should register yourself in our business directory.

Thank you.

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