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I am Delaura. I am from The United Kingdom.  I travel with my husband and we are due to move to Baku in January 2016; his new job project will be for approximately 2 years.  Please, can anyone advise on good decent apartments in Baku city - and average cost of a 2 bedroomed, fully furnished, apartment?  We have no dependant children travelling with us so do not need to be near schools.
Looking forward to hearing from someone.

Hello Delaura,

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I created a new thread from your post on the Baku forum so that you may get some clues from members of this forum.

I suggest you read the threads under the Find an accommodation in Baku category of the forum and drop a detailed advert in the Housing in Baku section of the website so that you may get some proposals and compare.

Best of luck,

Hello! It is possible to find an apartment for any price. Everything depends on which part of the city you want to live in, and you need to tell the budget you are planning to cover monthly rent of the apartment and requirements regarding furniture etc. But main issue you need to be at the place to tell your opinion. I helped last year to one couple to find apartment, it went very quickly, during one day we could check 3 apartments. And in 2 weeks we found what couple was looking for.

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