E-Pass Application on Job Hoppers

Hi Beppi,

I have been reading your responses on the blogs and i am very happy that you have been answering inquiries from the people that need help. Thank you for effort of helping us.

I would just like to ask a simple question regarding MOM's view on job hopping, i am not even sure if im a job hopper per say. My new employer just applied my first E-pass today for SIngapore since i havent worked their yet, but my previous work experience as an IT professional would force me to transfer 1 job to the other for like a year and somtimes i stay for more than a year. since its my first application, would this matter too? i transfered twice having 1 year experience and 2 companies having 2 years experience plus. So its a total of around five years.

Would there be a possible rejection of e-pass their?

Thank you very much :-)

MoM usually cares only about job-hopping in Singapore.
How often you changes before coming here is only a concern for the employer (who will certainly, and rightfully, doubt your loyalty).

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for the quick response and help. I am now comfortable as you have given the answer already. Thank you very much. Im just watiting for my E-pass result this week.

Thanks and Cheers!

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